Monday, 29 April 2013

Look what I made..

Bralet- My textiles product, Jeans- Topshop, Chelsea Boots-eBay
Yayyy finally my textiles product is finished!! Yes it took me a while but finally its like a massive weight lifted off my head!
We had to choose to make a cultural piece for an occasion so I chose the culture Egyptian and did a festival type Bralet! The inside and buttons on the back are my favourite! The lining is this beautiful Egyptian print black and cream lining! I love it! Then the buttons are covered in the same fabric! I'm actually really proud of it as I never though it would look like an actual piece of clothes which I could wear hahaha!  What do you think of it?
So yeah I'll probably never wear this item out but yano its getting me my GCSE's! Exams start in 2 week and dahm Im I nervous? Yes! I need to start revising but once again my night has been spent internet shopping and eBay bidding- I LOST IN THE LAST 10 SECONDS! It was heart breaking cause I really wanted this ankle bracelet from Asos :( 
I made lookbook by the way people and would love it if you could be by fan/hype what ever it is cause I have non! The link is here
love Caits x 

Thursday, 25 April 2013


Hey guys! Really quick post today... I just made lookbook!!! not too sure how it all works yet so if any of you could give me some tips that would be great :-) 
The link is above if you want to take a look at my page.. I'll be posting all my outfits so hope you like.. and if any of you have lookbook leave your links down below, I would like some people to folllow(If thats the correct thing to say) haha!

And guys!! ARE THEY REALLY GETTING RID OF GFC?:-( I never ever ever use blog lovin as follow all my blogs via GFC! I have made a blog lovin though so would be so greatful if you could re follow my blog on here I have like no followers at all :( 
Sorry this has only been an update post!
love Caits x 

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

lace biker shorts

I know you already love these lace biker shorts as much as me, yes I know you can buy a pair too...

Get the look: Lace biker shorts-Boutique 73Shorts-Topshop old (similar here)Top- iOffer, Shoes-eBay, Rings-eBay  

Do you notice anything strange? Better quality blog photos.. I know I know such a rare thing to happen on this blog but I think (touch wood) I finally have my camera work properly! Woooo!! I was testing around with the different settings and the photo sizes and have set them to 600 pixels wide, what do you guys have you width pixels set on? I just took a guess really haha!

Ok so onto my outfit, how cut are these lace short things? I was just sat making a mental list of the many clothes I would like to buy and thought ok if I'm going to sit here and make this mental list then does this mean I can buy an item afterwards? Yes that's what it clearly meant. So I decided to start at the top of my list and buy some lace biker shorts (I don't actually know if this is what they are even called but I decided it was an appropriate name) I just googled and looked on images and found hundreds of people selling them but I only wanted a cheap pair so found these for a fiver! Not bad at all, although I would have got the next size up as they are quite tight(they only had smalls) but for a starter pair they are fab and I will probably end up buying some more very very soon. I've seen the 'Celine Paris' tees floating about the blogging world for a while now so about a month ago ordered my self one( I think it was from china so took a while to come)! I think they are great casual little tees to wear with denim shorts in my case and  the cost per wear will probably end up being really low- possibly around 50p which is a huge massive bargain and you know me.. I love a good bargain! 
Sheffield is finally sunny(well was on Saturday when I took these photos) which has put me in  a much better mood although I have been sat in bed since Sunday feeling sleepy, poorly and sorry for my self *sympathy please* 
love Caits x 

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

a beautiful print

 So how gorgeous is this print already? Yes I know your loving it as much as I am! The print trend is one of my favourite's this year because you can go as bright, bold or subtle as you like so its always completely up to you want kind of print you want! On the #Look3 on my Denim Shirts post which can be seen here I am also wearing a print dress, yet the print is much heavier and a lot bolder, more African colour's whereas this top has a more more elegant print showing as it has such lovely colours! 

Top: River Island, Shorts: Topshop, Super thick tights: Primark, Shoes:eBay
There is also matching trousers for this top- not sure if i would go that far but hey ho some people may. I chose to wear black detailed shorts and black tights to match this look. I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit quite plain so that the top could really stand out. But seriously how gorgeous are the prints on this top I can't stop staring at them, they are just so pretty!! I also finally bought the matte top coat from Rimmel- its amazing! I've always wanted to try the 'black nails' look so finally i got it, most things are on 3 for 2 at the minute from boots so of course i have 3 brand new nail polish's yayyy! Black matte is definitely my favourite nail colour now( It was red last week ) and i still do love having red nails but I'm just dreading taking these of for school tomorrow, ok maybe i could keep my hands in my pockets all day? Yes my schools is stupidly annoying and no nail varnish is allowed!! Its suppose to be 19 degrees today- I don't see any sun yet.
love Caits x 

Friday, 12 April 2013

company high street edit- my favourites

So I read fashion magazines every week and though why not share my favourite pieces from each one with you guys? I know right, why didn't I think of this sooner? I bought the company street style edit around Christmas time and absolutely loved it- like the best mag i have ever read, so when i found out the high street edit was on the shelves I had to get it straight away! Company is my fave my favourite fashion magazine out there by far so though I'd start of with this mag! I love the style in which they do things and the front covers are always gorgeous! So yeah just a few fashion snaps for you to enjoy!
Also I'm having a sale on instagram...  caitlinsclothes so it would be great if you could check that out :)
love Caits x

Monday, 8 April 2013

Denim shirt #Look2

Jeans and socks- Topshop, Top- Zara, Creepers-eBay, Shirt- Hollister, Scrabble necklace- eBay, Cross necklace- Holiday!
Another very casual outfit, not very exciting but super easy just to chuck on and go out! I think denim shirts can be so versatile as you can pair them up with anything and they still look good. I live in skinny jeans at the minute, ahhhh they are like my super favourite item in my wardrobe; the Leigh ones in Topshop are my favourite as they are so comfy! 
I actually tried on some MOM jeans from Topshop the other day as I've seen them on some celebs and think they look amazing- but oh no. not on me. I think its the height personally I am just not tall enough for them, they look like ankle swingers and just don't fit right at all, so looks like I'm sticking to skinny's! 
Just a quick post today as I'm busy watching Khloe&Lamar, I'm really obsessed I love all the Kardashian shows.. starstruck! 
love Caits x 

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Denim shirt #Look1

Shirt- Hollister, Grey tee- Hollister (both prezzies from my mum and dad when they went to NYC)- so jealous! Shorts-Topshop Sale, Shoes-eBay, Rings-All eBay except the one on my left hand 4th finger(that's Topshop £1.50 sale!) Sunglasses- Ralph Lauren, the airport haha! 

I'm actually blogging!! It’s pretty much a miracle right? But no I am definitely going to get back into the spirit of blogging and blog a lot more often because its something which I love doing! 
I adore my denim shirt at the minute, like literally it goes with EVERYTHING, so I’ve decided to do a little piece on 3 different ways to wear it! The sun was out yesterday so I whacked out my new shorts (£9 in the sale) and this cute little grey tee, it has a gorgeous dark coloured cotton racer back, which I did take some pictures off but they didn't come out too well. This is a very causal look, not too much effort but it was great for sitting out in the sun yesterday. 
Now I have this thing for red nails at the moment- I’m like obsessed I just love them, I also love all my gold rings, I really hope I’m not turning chavy but I think there is something about the red and gold hand accessories which I think looks good? I don’t know I’m I going crazy? 
Also my hair isn’t looking too good recently, its it rubbish condition so I’m basically using no heat at all hence the frizzy all over the place look, but I'm having it done on Wednesday and I bought some hair masks today so hopefully it will be looking better soon! 
Sorry about my lack of blogging recently but I be back on the blog posts very soon don’t you worry J
Hope you've all had a lovely Easter and eaten way to much chocolate haha!
Love Caits x