Thursday, 28 February 2013

Oscars 2013- My thoughts on the fashion

(Sorry this post is a few days late!)
Starting off with Kristen Stewart, my love for her is big, her acting her style i just love! She's wearing Reem Acra and well looks bloody beautiful! I absolutely adore the the panels of detailing which go down this dress, i think she has chosen a fabulous colour, her pale skin on the off white fabrics looks divine and her brown ruffled hair. Definitely one of my favourite looks from the night, there's just one thing missing.. Robert Pattinson. 

Some people liked, some people didn't, but i LOVED! Her face was made up so lovely with the smokey eye and her hair loosely pulled back! The dress was definitely made for her, the halter neck is great for people with big boobs- just like Amanda and i think that's why she really pulled this look off, so well done to you Amanda Seyfried. And ps, the 2 hands on hips pose, I LOVE!

Hands up who loves Channing Tatum!! Yes i think that was everyone; this gorgeous male hottie showed up in a Gucci suit, and everyone loves a man in a Gucci suit! I adore his waistcoat and bow tie and yes... he was definitely hottest man at the Oscars! Also how gorgeous is his wife Jenna Dewan and i can already tell their baby is going to be beautiful. 

Who is this male hottie i don't seem to recognize by name? Eddie Redmayne is wearing a classic Alexander McQueen suit, 1 word.. HOT! and how cute are his little black pump type of shoes! You can buy me Alexander McQueen any day, espesh the new clutch bags xxx

I luuuuuurve Jennifer Lawrence, i really think she has one of the nicest personalities ever and in all honest we could be best friends! So the dress, the HUGE, low waist gown by Dior, I LOVE IT!! Not over done one little bit, its perfect, she stands out and i love everything about her look from the pulled back hair to the pale pink trail, well done Jennifer, and don't worry about your trip, we all still love you hunny! 

The pale colours are becoming quite a big trend at this years Oscars, now i'm not exactly a pale pink kind of girl but i love Anna Hathaway's Prada gown, the same way i love her in the Devil Wears Prada.. ALOT. Her dress was controversial with people complaining it was 'too simple' and 'gave her pointy nipples'; no people, the dress is BRITISH, she looks so British and definitely has some style about her which is different from the other american ladies. Also you can clearly see its the struchter of the dress, not her nipples so don't complain :) I think her hair colour made the dress look so flattering and she looked like an elegant young woman! 

My last best dressed at the Oscars and of course its Jennifer Anisten... this give is brave, all in red, and i think she looks fantastic... Vanentino is lush! I'm glad she has wore a bright colour as the Oscars did have a lot of really pale colours and then blacks and whites, so well done to you Jennifer Anisten! 
Sorry this post is quite a few days late, i'm so bad at time scheduling and have been really busy revising for my maths exams(today and monday)! So what did you think of the Oscars?

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

London Fashion Weekend

So here are my LFWend snaps!
I started off the day early with a 10:30 catwalk show by 'Issa'. It was there spring/summer13 collection, now i may have a hugely controversial opinion here but i'm really not keen on the s/s looks this year, i mean i'm just not a 'floral floaty dress' kinda girl, and this was the main designer Issa was showing! I much prefer the grunge looks, denim shorts, dark checked shirt tied at the waste, baggy tee's you know what i mean! However the flower head pieces the modals wore were pretty amazing! So detailed and probably the best part of the collection!
The actual show only last for about 5 minutes which was quite short i though, so after the show we went into the wings of somerset house for some shopping! Although i didn't actually buy anything (yes clothing at designer prices) it was really nice looking at the different designers collections. I had my photo snapped at Canon Fashion which was pretty cool and with a hot fella at the diet coke stand! After I'd looked round there wasn't much to do so we grabbed a taxi and went to do some oxford street shopping.. I LOVE OXFORD STREET! We spend a while in Liberty's looking at fabrics for my textiles course work but i could find anything which i liked and they had the most weirdest serving trays. naked bodies with dogs heads, WHAAAT?!! I then spend a fair few hours in Topshop trying on lots of clothes and ended up buying two jumpers, BOTH GORGEOUS! We then headed for some late lunch and the train ride back home. Over all i had a great day in london, i just wish the weather was a lot warmer, it was minus degres man that can't be good for anyone! Did anyone else go to LFWend? What did you think?
love Caits x 

Sunday, 24 February 2013


Top, Jeans, Bag: Topshop  Shoes: Ebay  Watch: Christmas prezzie Jacket: Superdry

Firstly sorry all the photos are not in line, this really really annoys me but i wanted to show you both photos and i have no idea how to get them both to line up hahaha!
So yesterday i went to the London Fashion Weekend at Somerset house, I'd have loved to go to the actual LFW but of course you have to be invited :( so i though going to the weekend would be just as good, well erm..
Anyway i have another post with some photos of the event and ill tell you much more about my day then!
This outfit is definitely my style, the grunge look rocking the monochrome(WHICH I LOVE) , yee man just call me miss monochrome! I'v been wanting a pair of black skinnies for a while now and i'm totally in love with the Leigh ones @ topshop, so yes i bought them, along with this top, as of course i needed a new outfit! This top is a size 8 but i love how its oversized, definitely a look which i like. I wore my chelsea boots with some little cream socks- super cute-  and my denim rucksack, which kind of made my outfit no longer all monochrome but i still loved it! Finally i put on this neon green watch to add a splash of colour to the look, of course i have no idea how to work the watch, but its a simple accessory i like and bringing two trends together i though was pretty cool. Did any of you bloggers go to the LFWend?!
love Caits x 

Monday, 18 February 2013


 Hyperventilating, hyperventilating! Monochrome is my new favorite trend that has probably ever existed! Its my perfect look, i'm soooo in love with all these looks!
I was reading the new topshop magazine- you can now pick it up in stores and the first picture is my favourite look from the magazine, pleaseee can someone tell me where to buy this beautiful black dress? I can't find it anywhere on topshop at all, i mean i have until the 31st of March to find it(lent- spending ban) but its £38(i think) and i just really really want it, i have the perfect shirt/top thing to match it with and can just imagine my self wearing it to go meet Anna Wintour so she can make me the Assistant editor of vogue( HA, in my dreams!)  The more i look at it, the more i want it!!
I also love all the black and white jackets going on in the photos! The like tie dye effect one at the bottom is gorgeous, and i love the one she is wearing in the 2nd photo- COME TO MOMA! 
I think the monochrome style can defiantly have the 'grunge' look brought into it which is why i probably like it so much!! 
On with the rambling- who else is extremely jealous of everyone at London fashion week right now? Victoria Beckham is there which makes me sad(love her) and #RIHANNAFORRIVERISLAND!!!! Oh so excited for that collection to come out 5th March! Although there isn't that many 'out there' pieces some of the black slit dresses, and little crop top type things will be an investment in my wardrobe! I may just buy the whole collection! What do you think of the RiRi collection? 
Hope your all having a lovely week, lucky for me i'm off school yayyy :-) 
love Caits x 

Saturday, 16 February 2013

slits and spikes

Slitted top- RI here
Spiked necklace- RI here
Yes i bought a new top, and necklace, but it only cost me £20 all together AND i did buy this a few weeks ago so don't worry i haven't broken my lent promise.. yet!
 I actually really like the top, very basic i know but i'm soooooo in love with the sports wear trend this season and i think the slits down the side of this top are, very sporty, so now i just need some trousers, shoes maybe a bag and a jacket so go with it to complete the look, but i have to wait 40 days *sad sad face* and i don't have that much money :( 
The necklace was only a fiver TOTAL BARGAIN and iv probably worn it like 5 times so it really only cost £1 per wear, see thinking positive, I've started doing this with all my clothes hahaha! 
Finally its half term wooooo!! I have 4 maths papers to do which it just like omg, but i have maths exams the first week back so hopefully it will all pay off... yes a day of revision is needed, on a saturday as well, what has life come to? 
Hope you all have a fab weekend and omgggggg london fashion weekend in 7 days eeeeek :-)
love Caits x 

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

no shopping for lent?

Yes, its true.. IM GIVING UP SHOPPING FOR LENT! i have no idea why or how the hell i'm i going to do it but i am! I'v decided i spend waaaaay to much money on clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, the list could go on; and i really need to start saving my money. So for 40 days no shopping at all! I can buy makeup, but that's obvs cause i cant really go public looking like a ghost, yes i could be classed as a ghost in winter! And yes i can go window shopping but thats not really the same! 
Ok ok 1 exception, i am allowed to buy things at London Fashion Weekend, i mean i cant exactly go to a MAJOR event in my life and not buy anything, so on Saturday 23rd i'm allowed to spend wooopie! But still 39 days of no spending not bad, not bad. Are any of you guys giving up anything for lent? and..
Happy pancake day guyyyysssss!! Eat your heart out ;) 
love Caitss x 

Thursday, 7 February 2013

big leather pockets

I luurrrrve these zara trousers, although these photos just don't do them justice! Seriously they look much better in person, my camera wouldn't capture the print or texture of them and its supposed to be one of the best ones? Yep i just can't get it to work for me :( Anyway the trousers.. i actually got them in the January sales believe it or not for something like £22. I wasn't even going to buy the top but i wanted something to try them on with and well the top just seemed to match great, so i bought it for a tenner! I didn't even used to like the tops with the cut out shoulders but after buying this one i have taken a liking to them! I think they have quite a sporty style to them which is defiantly me as i love sports! What do you think of this outfit? :-) 
In all honestly though i just cant wait for it to be summer again, i much prefer summer outfits!! 
only 1 more day till the weekend guyssssss!!! 
love Caits x

Sunday, 3 February 2013

double denim

 Bag- Topshop here
I've been needing a new bag for ages, when i say ages i mean ages like years! I adored these denim backpacks when they came out in Topshop but woahhhhh mainstream or what? i sware every teenage girl walking the streets of sheffield owned one! So i never bought one even though i did have a slight crush, so now the hype has died down a little and not as many people use them so i though id treat my self to one, especially to pair up with the new black&white trend which i LOVE!! This bag also goes great with my leather jacket :-) 

OH I HAVE SOME EXCITING NEWS!! I booked tickets to the Vodafone London fashion weekend omg yayyyy! Yes its broke the bank but WHO CARES! I really hope there are some super cool celebs there and I'm so excited to go to the catwalk show and just have a genuine fab day out in London- soooo excited! If any of you bloggers are going let me know I'd love to meet some of you! 
1 last thing.. i really really really want the miley cyrus cosmo issue this month which is only out in the US? Now if any of my bloggers or anyone reading this are based in the US omg it would be amazing if you could like.. send me over a copy!! I can pay you for the postage and everything as well via pay pal.. i just really want the issue haha! 
Hope you're all having a great weekend
love caits x