Sunday, 3 February 2013

double denim

 Bag- Topshop here
I've been needing a new bag for ages, when i say ages i mean ages like years! I adored these denim backpacks when they came out in Topshop but woahhhhh mainstream or what? i sware every teenage girl walking the streets of sheffield owned one! So i never bought one even though i did have a slight crush, so now the hype has died down a little and not as many people use them so i though id treat my self to one, especially to pair up with the new black&white trend which i LOVE!! This bag also goes great with my leather jacket :-) 

OH I HAVE SOME EXCITING NEWS!! I booked tickets to the Vodafone London fashion weekend omg yayyyy! Yes its broke the bank but WHO CARES! I really hope there are some super cool celebs there and I'm so excited to go to the catwalk show and just have a genuine fab day out in London- soooo excited! If any of you bloggers are going let me know I'd love to meet some of you! 
1 last thing.. i really really really want the miley cyrus cosmo issue this month which is only out in the US? Now if any of my bloggers or anyone reading this are based in the US omg it would be amazing if you could like.. send me over a copy!! I can pay you for the postage and everything as well via pay pal.. i just really want the issue haha! 
Hope you're all having a great weekend
love caits x 


  1. loving the bag! and ahh how exciting that you get to go to LFW!! can't wait to see pics!

  2. Love this outfit! So jealous you get to go to LFW, can't wait to see your post on that xxx

  3. Love the bag x

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  4. I absolutely love your blog! Such great pictures. I've nominated you for a Leibster Award :) Check out my blog for more details and how to get involved :)