Friday, 30 November 2012

black, black, and oh black

My second outfit post in a week, gosh this is going well! Btw these photos were taken off my new brothers camera, i hope you can all see the different from my previous photos, except in these i don't like my hair, its too flat and i prefer is more wavy :(
ANYWAYYY I choose this outfit for my friends birthday as we were all going out for a meal :-) I'v officially decided i have no nice going out clothes hence this is my mums top and its erm a bit to big for me, well actually a lot too big for me so i put a belt around the peplum bit and it didn't look too bad(i hope.) I choose my black leather look trousers, my leather jacket and some gorgeous berry coloured shoes to try and  brighten up my outfit since I'm all in black :( Yes so as i was saying.. no going out clothes! They're all like baggy tops and jumpers or shorts(with tights of course) cause that's the kind of look i like, so when it comes to like a meal or something I'm usually stuck! But I'm going Christmas shopping tomorrow with my friends so hopefully i see a few things i like.. with the little money i have hahahaha!
Hope you're all ok and coping with the horrible freezing weather were having here in Sheffield :(
love Caits x

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

green and speckled

Finally an outfit post! So proud i have actually finally done one; it seems like sooooo long :( I got this cute little dress from topshop a few weeks ago but have struggled to wear it as seriously, what is the weather doing? Its rainy, windy, cold and wet.. just hurry up and snow then we all have a great excuse to go out in joggers and hoodies!
It was my brothers birthday this weekend so we went out for a meal and i wanted to wear something nice, not too dressy as it was only a Indian and not be freezing at the same time! I decided to go with this little dress and some tights of course, my creepers are a must at the moment (I'm so in love with them) and my leather jacket! I think my necklace( well should i say my mums) finished the outfit off great! The gold, black and silver circles on it matched the green soo well and really made the neck line stand out :-) My brother got a camera for his birthday so my photos will finally be of good quality as yes I'll be stealing it from him mwahaha!
Hope you're all ok :)
loveCaits x

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

style is everything

I love having my own style and wearing what i want to wear, I could shop for hours on the cute little indie/vintage shops down division street in Sheffield! Everyone has there own style and i think that's one of the most important things about fashion. These are just a few pictures of some of the trends i love right now :-)
love Caits x

Sunday, 11 November 2012

The perfect LBD's- House of Fraser!

I absolutely love House of Fraser and I'm sure you all do too right? I was shopping in their yesterday, well more window shopping actually as I'm a typical skint teenager at the moment but the LBD's they have in stock at the moment are gorgeous! I then found out that HOF currently have dresses all over the store targeted more at the younger generation, so like older teenagers and early 20's! Now EVERYONE needs a LBD in their wardrobe so i have chosen my 5 favourites, each one for a slightly different occasion, and with the right accessories they will look fab on you all!

We all know 'Peplum' is a masive trend this season so what better that a LBD with a peplum! I love the fact this dress has been made for the cold winter months with the sheer top and sleeves! The lengh of the dress is great for petites too(just like me) as its not going to cover any extra leg that we NEED to make us girls look taller! The dress would be perfect for Christmas dinner or a family evening out so if your still looking for that perfect dress; its right here and at £39.99 not bad, not bad! 

Warehouse- Sequin Velvet Bodycon Dress
I actually love this dress, all the detailing on the front and the little cap sleeves are soooo cute! They have it in a size 6 as well, yayyy! If you open the link you can get a better image of what it looks like on, which i think looks so much better than just in the plain photo! I think the sequins are very 'special occasion'/ 'Christmas time' and also for all year round :-)
At £60 this dress isn't bad!

Yumi- Lace and Bead bodycon! 

I choose this dress as i think it's a lot more casual as the material isn't as structured and fitted as the other 2. The Lace and Bead detailing on the front though is gorgeous! I think this dress could be worn with thick tights, some winter boots and a lovely big winter coat, you know for those long cute romantic walks in the autumn leaves- which never actually happen! Hahahaha! Still though, even if these walks never actually happen, it can be worn for many outings just like this and at £55 its a bargain- well almost.

Karen Millen- Lace sleeve Collection dress! 
Now i decided to choose this one becasue i think its slightly more formal than the others. The lengh is much longer making it slightly less 'party' and more like 'work do' kind of thing! The velvet pattern around the top though makes this dress look so expensive and the lengh- coming just past the knee, is pretty much like a Devil wears prada dress, maybe one of the outfits from Paris Fashion Week or when all the fashion experts are having dinner together or even a Victoria Beckham fitted dress.

Another masterpiece from 'Yumi'! I had actually never heard of this brand before until i was browsing the HOF sight and found out they had some really nice pieces! I think this dress definitely spells out P-A-R-T-Y! Although it it very simple the shape is amazing and definitely there to bring out your body shape! The length is great too, another one for us petite girls to make our legs look longer yaay!

So thats my 5 top dresses for 2012/2013! Which one is your favourite? :-)
love Caits x

Friday, 9 November 2012

'the teenage rush' she said

So last night i was lucky enough to be @ 'The killers' concert and omg let me tell you it was AMAZING! If they ever tour again I'm defiantly getting tickets! I love their songs soooo much and Brandon Flowers.. hes hot ain't he ;-)
For it i wore my new black dress from Zara dressed down with creepers and black lace socks, I'm actually totally inlove with my new dress, its so hard to find dresses what actually fit because im only 5'2'' so they are always so long! I decided not to wear heels because i was going to be stood up all night and my feet would have been killing! I was actually surprised when i got there as not many people had dressed up much it was mostly jeans, shorts or little dresses, not many heels at all.
Hope you enjoy the photos although they are not the best as my camera is awful! It just never focus' right anymore so I'm really hoping to get a new one for Christmas, until then please try and put up with them :( Has anyone else been to see The Killers?
love Caits x

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

breathing in london air..

Hi guys! Hope you're all not to sad about being back at school/college or where ever :( For the half term holidays i was busy shopping in london with my Aunty and i loved it! London is just like my favourite place ever and I'm in a constant good mood whilst there; not like in cold,wet and windy Sheffield :( I wanted to tell you all what i bought whilst there as some of the things were such bargains!!

So the first thing i bought was this 'BOY LONDON' jumper which i am now obsessed with! I am so glad i bought it cause I'm always freezing when i go out because i haven't got many winter clothes yet but this goes perfectly with everything, and it was only £11! I then got this oxford uni jumper which i also love!!! I practically live in it at home because its all fluffy inside and again that was a bargain at £15! In camden i also got my lovely little baker street keyring which i adore.
We the got on the tube and off to oxford circus we went! Now lets get things straight.. THE TOPSHOP IS HUGGGEEEE! There was a map as soon as you walked in just so you could find your way around and it has 3 floors and the petite section is amazing and there is soo much make up and gifts which were so cute! I was walking round for ages picking up things i wanted to try on and in the end i got this gorgeous little tee dress in dark green with little speckles in the fabric, i love this dress i think its great for winter with tights and a leather jacket! I also got a new winter coat which I'm so in love with, i much prefer this one because of the checks on the back and it also has a black jersey hood.. I'm glad i got this one instead of the all karki green one because not many people have it.. YET! I also picked up a halloween coloured nail varnish!
The next day we went to Westfield Shopping at Stratford and i ended up getting a gorgeous LBD from Zara which i will be wearing to the killers tomorrow.. SO EXCITED! I also got the new Vaseline 'pink bubbly'. Although i cant exactly taste the pink bubbly as it just tastes and smells pretty much like normal Vaseline the tin is just so cute so i had to buy it.. of course!
And now that's everything.. all my purchases from london, which ones your fave?;)
love Caits x

Saturday, 3 November 2012

halloween face

AHH sorry this post is a bit late.. yes i know halloween was like 3 days ago but i still wanted to show you how i did my make up for halloween :-)
So last sunday me and my friend went into Sheffield town for fright night, it was basically just loads of rides and food stalls but still really good! We decided not to dress up as tbh most people dont as the weather is sooooo cold so everyone just has a face full of make up! I didnt actually know how to do mine so i just kind of made it up along the way and didnt aim to be anything. For my lips i used the Kate Moss lipstick from rimmel in shade 04! OMG tho this is like my new favourite lippy ever, it pratically the same as the MAC one everyone is obsessing about but for half the price and since im a teenager and constantly skint i though this was a great buy! I outlined my eyes in black and drew some sort of black drips coming off them- no idea what its actually mean to be but i though it looked kinda good hahaha! Erm i then attemped to draw a cut on my head with eye liner and using another Kate Moss lippy in shade 12 drew some blood, you could say it looks like a real cut:/! erm maybe?..  For the end look i coloured my eye brows in white but becasue they are already so dark (weird cause i have light hair) it looks a bit weird but in a halloweeny way! Hope you like the look and also all had a great halloween! Did you dress up and do halloween makeup? :')
love Caits x