Tuesday, 29 May 2012

NOOT- Purple and Red :)

Im going on holiday TOMORROW! OH MY GOD! What is possibly more exciting? but there is a down side.. i have no internet for 12 days, no tweets,no blogging, no facebook; im going to miss it all sooo much :(
this is just a quick last post before i go as im still only half way through my packing and i need to cut down on the 12 pairs of shoes i want to take :/ not sure how but i will try..
As soon as i get home- which is the 9th i will do a massive huge post on my time there(spain-benalmadena) and upload all my fave photos and my outfits so dont worry there is a great post coming your way :)

I have the worst trouble keeping nail varnish on, on holida because as soon as i jump in the pool its all chipped and looks horrible.. but i still paint them every night hopeing they will keep in tack the next day- they never do :(
Iv gone for something abit quirky this time...

Left Hand

Right Hand

As you can see my left hand is so much better than my right, i'm afwully wobbley anyway when trying to paint nails so its a tough job for me!
Basically i really couldn't decide weather to pain my nails purple or red so i though why not do both? First of all i did a purple coat on my nails and let it dry. Then i carefully filed in the tips on my nails in a red colour, i finished off with a top clear coat to make then shiny and done!
Im so pleased with them, to be honest, i think the colours look great together and you can see both the colours clearly. A really unique and quirky way to paint you nails :)

All pots of nail varnish are from this HUGE set i got for christmas last year, it came with 20 different colours and there all wonderful. i have no idea what the brand name is but i tell you these nail varnishes are the best.

What do you think of my new holiday nails? :)
lovecaitsss xxx

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Sequin Dresses- Wedding

Hey to all the beautiful people reading this :o)
Sorry i haven't done a proper post in ages I've been busy with school work, training and sunbathing in my garden, what have you all been up too? :)
I'll make sure i do a proper post tomorrow as i am going to Meadowhall shopping later so will be buying my last few things to go on holiday.. i go in 4days eeeekkkk :D

Anyway this is just a quick one, I have been invited to one of my bestfriends dad's wedding's in December and i cant wait! Were already totally obsessing with what to wear and how to have our hair :)
I've had a few idea's on what id like, have any of you seen them sequin dresses the celebs have been wearing lately? well i love them!
Iv seen Pixie Lott and Lucy Meck's(towie) in them and I've fallen in love!

So since iv seen them I've decided this may be the perfect dress for the wedding. I'd find some cute heels and a clutch bag and we're ready to go. Iv been looking all over, in Topshop, RI, Zara, Miss Selfridge but there never seems to be exactly what I'm looking for!
Anyway i decided to try some of the online shops such as Very, Boohoo and Miss guided(which are all lovely) and i think I've found what I'm looking for..

£44.99 from Miss Guided! ahhh I'm so glad iv found what i was looking for, but there was a slight problem... they don't have a size 6 in store :( and considering the size 8 is supposed to fit a 5'7'' and I'm only 5'2'' i have a feeling it wont fit right! anyway i did email them so when it comes back back in stock they are going to contact me so for now i will just have to keep looking, i have 7months anyway so i will find something just as wonderful :o)

What do you think? Have you seen any dresses like this in the high street?
loveCaits xxx

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Holiday shopping!

Hello again to all you beautiful people reading my blog :)
i'm going on holiday in 10 days.. ahhhh how excited i actually cant wait! anyway i seem to have left my holiday shopping a little bit late and also ran out of money :( so iv had to budget my self which is sad because there is sooo much i want to buy :(
i'd though id share with you what i managed to buy anyway...

AHHHHHH! HOW GORGEOUS ARE THESE? there from one of my favourite places ever Ted Baker! Im not sure if its just because me and ted both have the same last name or not but i am just a little bit obsessed with him, and these shoes were a bargain at £20 so i had to buy them! they should have been 30 but theres a tiny little pen mark of them so i got a tenner off, how good is that?

I'm also in love with my new converse top :D my dad brough me some white low top converse yesterday as you can see in the bottom photos so it goes great with them! The top was from zara at a price of £15.99 :) i'm in love with all zara's clothing at the moment they have some lovely things in store!

The shorts are from h&m which were £14.99 i think, i just wanted some casual shorts to take on holiday with me to wear on the beach and that and these were perfect! the colour changes in them from a light denim to normal denim and i love it :) 

I really like both these items i brough! I have quite a casual style at times and this is one of those! In the summer some shorts and a printed tee looks fab i think! thats me personally though :)

what do you guys all think? which is your favourite purchase?
please leave comments and share my blog with your friends, thanks for reading
love caits xxx

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Jubilee Cath Kidston

Hey gals hope your all okay! i'm up to my neck in revision and training so though id take a break and blog again.
Iv finally finished all my textiles course work and handed it in so now were doing a mini 'Jubilee Cath Kidston' style project and i'm all excited YAY! I love Cath Kidston omg all her designs and patterns are just wonderful, actually my banner is a print from Cath Kidston if you didn't already know :)

Anyway we have been asked to either make a 'tote bag' 'pillow' or some bunting in the style of this. So like a Union Jack flag with all sorts of different floral like pattens filling in the shapes which is just adorable so i thought id share my idea with you :) I choose to make a bag as we have already made a pillow earlier on in the year. I haven't finished yet but i have taken a photo of what it looks like so far, when its fully done i will post again :)

Ok so yes it looks a bit erm weird? BUT its not finished yet!
I'm going to sew round all the pieces in pink zig zag stitch to securce all the pieces onto the bag. I have then got some blue ribbon with little white spots on which i am going to sew with a straigh stitch to one side of each diagonal strip.
Im also going to line the bag with the pink floral fabric and add a pink button at the top so you can open and close the bag :)
and after iv added some handles and sewn the sides up it will be looking much more like a bag tooo! ekkk! how cute?
It should be finished with in the next 2 weeks so i will be posting a pic of the finished product :)

what do you all think? any suggestions or comments let me know, i love feedback :o)

lovecaits xxx

Monday, 14 May 2012

Studded denim jacket

Ok so this is my very first post on my new official blog. Ahhh I’m excited! Iv been reading other peoples blogs for such a long time now and love reading them so thought why not make my own? So here it is…
My first post I’d like to share with you all today is how I customized my denim jacket.

So I was shopping the other week in Meadowhall and have noticed Primark have a HUGE range of all different types of denim jackets from light to dark, short to long there’s something for everyone. The only problem is I’v noticed a lot of people wearing them as there ranged from a price of £8-£12 which is extremely cheap and very popular with people my age as the ones in Topshop are £32 *sad face*

Anyway I decided to buy one and though I could just customize it up so its not the same as everyone else’s, because who wants to be the same right?

So when I got home I was looking on Intstagram at peoples latest photos and there was a really lovely demin jacket with studs on it! STUDS I THOUGHT! I immediately went on to Ebay and had a look at some studs.
I eventually found some which were £2.50 in a bronze colour to match the buttons on the jacket, so I ordered them.

Even though they did take over a month to arrive i didnt mind as they was from china and the weather hasn't been particularly good to wear a denim jacket anyway.

There is about 100 studs here which doesn't look much but it is. They have like little spikes on the back which you can push through the denim easily.
I decided i'd stud each corner at the top going 8 up and 8 across

This is what they look like pushed through from the back, make sure you push the little spikes over to secure to stud in place and so it doesn't prick you to whilst you're wearing it. It took me about 40 minutes to push through all the studs on one side of the jacket, it is quite fiddley and time consuming.

This is what it looked like from the front. :)
and this from the back :) i then started on the other side carefully pushing all the studs in place, this took me about another 40mintues and after i had very sore finger tips :(

Finally i had finished and this is what the jacket looks like on.
I’m absolutely loving these studs; I think they make this jacket really stand out from the rest as it’s so different, and not many other people do it :) If you’re looking for a great way to customize your denim jacket I think this is a great way to do it! I only spent about £15 on this jacket altogether and no body else has the exact same, defiantly a top buy!

Hope you have enjoyed reading my first blog, please leave comments on what you think and if you like the idea? i would be very grateful for any feedback :)
love you all x

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Getting Started :)

I would firstly like to say hello to everybody, im currently figuring out how to use all the features on here as i would love to blog all the time.
I'm i fashion lover and totally obsessed with all the fashions and trends so if you are too then follow my blog :)
I will be doing my first blog very soon so i hope you all enjoy reading them :)
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