Friday, 28 December 2012


I've seen sooo many of these posts done by bloggers now and i though it was time i did my own! I love the 'What i got for Chritsmas' posts as i love seeing what all you lovely bloggers got as Christmas presents! I am not bragging in this post just though it was a great idea to show you what i got for Christmas(3 days later)..


Yay finally me and my blog have got our self's a Nikon Camrea. woooo! I was so happy when i opened this as i have been desperate for a new camera! I also got a Ted Baker purse,makeup bag and Cosmetic holder filled with lots of lovely Ted Baker creams and Jels; you should know i have a large obsession with Ted's accessories. They are all so pretty! I love all my Jack Wills bits too( yep another obsession of mine)! My little Ipod shuffle is such a good present too as went i go training its easy to clip onto my hoodie so it wont fall off :) I also got 4 Mini's of the Benefit perfumes which smell so yummy! And of course i got many, many, many pairs of socks- who doesn't get socks at Christmas? All my other bits were just useful things and Smellies. ooo i got the 'The September Issue' DVD, have any of you ever seen it? Its all about vogue I cant wait to watch it!!
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and got lots of lovely things
love Caits x

Tuesday, 25 December 2012


Can you actually believe its Christmas? I was like a excited 5 year old this morning when i found a stocking out side my door full of prezzies and when i went downstairs and found out Santa had been! I cant wait for eastenders though omg I'm sooooooo excited!! I really hope Derek dies tonight and Lauren and joey just get together- PLEASEEE! They are actually so cute together!
Anyway just a few Christmasy photos(TAKEN WITH MY BRAND NEW AMAZING CAMERA) to keep the Christmas spirit going :-)


I actually don't have any good photos of the Christmas tree when all the presents were under as i didn't get my camera until later, but i still have lots of other great photos!!  Hope you've all had a fab Christmas and got lots of lovely things! What did everyone get? See you in my next post..
love Caits x

Sunday, 23 December 2012

wedding love

Yay finally i have been to my first ever wedding!! Well I've been to lots of wedding party's just never the actual kissy and vows bit hahaha! Aw it was soooo cute though and the dress Liz(the bride wore) was beautiful! Also all the flowers just reminded me of the Breaking Dawn Bella and Edward wedding it was all so pretty :')

The venue was so pretty! It was at a place called Shottle Hall in Derbyshire which was a really lovely environment out in the country with so much land! There were lots of different rooms downstairs and the dance floor and band was amazing!! My bestfriend was a Bridesmaid as it was her dads wedding and she looks gorgeous too; it was a lovely taupe kind of colour all fitted :) I wore this metallic dress from River Island, a cream studded belt from primark(BARGAIN) and some black heels from Newlook for £13 in the sale, except they didn't stay on my feet very long as i ended up bare foot dancing most of the night haha!

I had a great time and the venue was so lovely where we stayed! I'm really in the christmasy mood now, can you believe its 2days ahhhhh!! I'm so excited! Btw sorry for such a morbid face in the last photo, no idea why i didn't smile :-(
Have a great Christmas; love Caits x

Sunday, 16 December 2012

sweet sixteen

YAYYY FINALLY IM 16!! And i had the best brithday everr :)

 I GOT AN IPAD!! Finally.. and it has the cutest message ever on the back! For like the last year i have been on my dads constantly so they though it was about time i should get my own :) I also got the Georgio Armani Code perfume which i first smelt in vogue one time and fell in love, it has the nicest scent ever! OH did i tell you i have a subscription to TEEN VOGUE for a whole year. woooo!!! I also got some more Benefit foundation 'playsticks' in shade spin the bottle-( you should really test it out i love it) and lots of other lovely things :)

I went out for lunch on Graze Inn on Ecclesall Road in the afternoon and it was lovely :) i had like these salmon croquettes and they were actually gorgeous and they looked so pretty (after i removed all the green leaves from the top of them) and then later on all my friends came over to mine for like a SWEET SIXTEEN PARTY, basically just lots of drinks and loud music :) and can you believe its 9days till christmas? I cant waitt ahhhh!! So excited!
love Caits x

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

c c c clothessssss show!

Hi girls :-) did any of you end up going to the clothes show? I went on Tuesday and had the best time EVER! I so totally celeb obsessed and HENRY HOLLAND WAS THERE! OMG I LOVE HIM SO MUCH, expect i didn't actually meet him :( just watched him excitedly on the Suzuki Fashion Show, he has a proper gorgeous voice, and he wore a beautiful blazer, trouser matching suit; ooo so lush! I really want him as my best friend!! Henry if you happen to be reading this let me be an intern with you? thanks :) Anyway enough on Henry Holland.. here a few photos from the show..

Sorry the photos are a bit blurry, everyone was moving so fast so my camera was being hopeless and never focusing! Can you all see what i mean about Hernys suit now? yep i know gorgeous! And Grace Woodward was there too (another stylist i love) tbh i just want her job then i will be happy :)
The catwalk show was amazing! I always say its the best part of the clothes show! This year it was all about a day in the life of a magazine editor so we got to see all the photo shoots and designer shopping they do, really i don't see how its a job, i would happily do that for FREE every day!! there was all many, many many FIT lads in just their boxers, nipples out everywhere hahaha! And Jade the winner of BINTM last year was there strutting her stuff on the catwalk too, i think she is absolutely stunning and shes not horribly stick thin like the other models which i like :)

Here's what i bought! Of course i fell at the first hurdle! You can get these clothes show bags which cost £8 and you normally get like a clothes show pass which hangs round your neck(for discounts on a few stalls) and a guide too all the different areas! Now me and my friend never actually seem to find any stalls where you can use the discount so we decided this year not to buy one, but then we found out it was CLOTHES SHOW BANDS, and i love bands, like the ones you get a festivals( which I'm still yet to get one) but i really really wanted one and so yep we decided to buy one, and of course everything i bought didn't have any discount on it but never mind i got a free band!!:D I got this gorgeous top and jumper from 'be worn' and 'borderline' these lovely little vintage handmade shops ahhh so cute!(look out for them in outfit posts) I also got an ELLE girl bag for £2 which has some great stuff in it! Then at the end i got 2 free clothes show live goodie bags! I had such a good day but still disappointed i didn't meet Henry Holland :(
did any of you go to the clothes show?:-) any good bargains?
nearly christmas soon woooooo!!
love Caits x

Saturday, 8 December 2012

17 dayssssss

Dear Santa..
For Christmas i would like..
-These gorgeous black chelsea boots which i will wear with EVERYTHING(i promise) in a size 3 from Miss Guided which can be found here :)
-This oxblood colour burn out tee, which can be worn on casual shopping trips, and casual 'sale shopping trips on boxing day' where i will need to be comfy as I'll be on my feet long hours of the day, +its a bargain at only £16 and ill let you borrow my student discount card ;) you can find this item here and I'd like it in a size 6 pls x
-Next this beautiful necklace from which will look perfect with a LBD or a little peplum top and skinnies, santa you can buy this here
-The perfect jeans i have been looking for, for ages! They are a PROPER bargain at £20 and i really really really really really like them :) a size 6 please santa, found here
-I'd also LOVE this cute little dress from! I really like the style of it and it can be dressed up or down, i might wear it for Christmas dinner(if i get it) as i think the gold it such a festival colour!! Found here in size 8 please x
-Ok nearly finished. Next up this GORGEOUS backpack, i seriously love it so much and i need a new bag anyway so this is kind of a necessity, if you don't want to buy me this ill just buy it my self anyway tehehehe, but if your feeling generous, it can be found here :)
-Finally... THE SHOES! THE SHOES EVERY GIRL WANTS! OMG these are amazinggggg. I have like 1 pair of heels and i know these are quite expensive but i promise I'll wear them all the time and they would go perfectly with this new dress i have just bought :) Now santa, they don't actually have these in my size :'( (size3) so i was wondering if you could like i dunno get your elf's to make some? I would really appreciate it! To get a closer look on the detailing they can be found here :-)
Only 7 days till my birthday and 17 days till Christmas ahhhhhh!
Happy Christmas everyone!
love Caitlin x

Thursday, 6 December 2012

feeling the cold

So its freezing outside yet i have shorts on? yep makes perfect sense to me, although i didn't actually go out like this, its waaay to cold :( Back when i went to London i bought this coat/jacket from Topshop and haven't had chance to show it you guys yet. I wasn't so keen at first because i was going to get the green karki jacket with leather sleeves, but seriously? How many people have that jacket now so I'm glad i got this one because i haven't seen many people wearing it.. thank god! The back of the coat is all checkered which i kind of like because it makes the coat a bit quirky and that's what i wanted- not something everyone else has already got! I love my little peace necklace from DasiyDoes UK! They have some wonderful jewellery on their site, you should really all check it out. And of course, here are my creepers AGAIN! I've kind of fell in love with them.. they go with EVERYTHING and they're so comfy!
Can you believe its sort of nearly Christmas?! and my birthday too yayyy!
Also next Tuesday I'm going to the Clothes Show which I'm super excited about and really cant wait :) aww i love December! Hope you're all ok,
love Caits x

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

boy tie dye

Yayy its finally December and soo close to my birthday,.. and Christmas woo, I'm actually sooo excited this year, cant wait to put the Christmas tree up and get all dressed up!!
Today's post is just showing you the tye die tops i have recently made for my brother, I actually think they turned out not too bad, i haven't really done tye die before so was just making up as i went along hahaha! For the first top i just like splattered green and blue dye onto the t-shirt. Very inventive Caitlin! And the second top i put some elastic bands around the top and left it to soak in some grey dye!
The tops i used were just basic white tops from the main section on H&M and only cost me £5 each, and the dye was from Wilkinson's which was only about £3 :-) I actually really enjoyed making the tops, even though after my finger nails were stained grey and it looks horrible, i advise you all too wear gloves :) If my brothers friends like the tops too i will be making some more hopefully!
Hope you're all ok and have your Christmas jumpers ready, also ps... its my birthday in 11 days ;-)
love Caits x 

Friday, 30 November 2012

black, black, and oh black

My second outfit post in a week, gosh this is going well! Btw these photos were taken off my new brothers camera, i hope you can all see the different from my previous photos, except in these i don't like my hair, its too flat and i prefer is more wavy :(
ANYWAYYY I choose this outfit for my friends birthday as we were all going out for a meal :-) I'v officially decided i have no nice going out clothes hence this is my mums top and its erm a bit to big for me, well actually a lot too big for me so i put a belt around the peplum bit and it didn't look too bad(i hope.) I choose my black leather look trousers, my leather jacket and some gorgeous berry coloured shoes to try and  brighten up my outfit since I'm all in black :( Yes so as i was saying.. no going out clothes! They're all like baggy tops and jumpers or shorts(with tights of course) cause that's the kind of look i like, so when it comes to like a meal or something I'm usually stuck! But I'm going Christmas shopping tomorrow with my friends so hopefully i see a few things i like.. with the little money i have hahahaha!
Hope you're all ok and coping with the horrible freezing weather were having here in Sheffield :(
love Caits x