Sunday, 16 December 2012

sweet sixteen

YAYYY FINALLY IM 16!! And i had the best brithday everr :)

 I GOT AN IPAD!! Finally.. and it has the cutest message ever on the back! For like the last year i have been on my dads constantly so they though it was about time i should get my own :) I also got the Georgio Armani Code perfume which i first smelt in vogue one time and fell in love, it has the nicest scent ever! OH did i tell you i have a subscription to TEEN VOGUE for a whole year. woooo!!! I also got some more Benefit foundation 'playsticks' in shade spin the bottle-( you should really test it out i love it) and lots of other lovely things :)

I went out for lunch on Graze Inn on Ecclesall Road in the afternoon and it was lovely :) i had like these salmon croquettes and they were actually gorgeous and they looked so pretty (after i removed all the green leaves from the top of them) and then later on all my friends came over to mine for like a SWEET SIXTEEN PARTY, basically just lots of drinks and loud music :) and can you believe its 9days till christmas? I cant waitt ahhhh!! So excited!
love Caits x


  1. happy belated your dress x

  2. Happy birthday ! :-) I got a nexus for my birthday and it hasn't left my hands hehe so can imagine urbloving your iPad :-) xx