Wednesday, 29 August 2012

House of Fraser- Get the A/W 2012 look

As soon as i found out House of Fraser were having a competition i was so excited! I absolutely love house of Fraser especially label lab one of my favourite brands of theres and of course the lovely Ted Baker!
So for this competition all you had to do was create your own A/W 2012 look and here's mine...
I really love the outfit i have chosen! I think for you viewers its quite hard to picture the outfit as a whole when your only looking at the separate pieces on the screen but ill explain to you why i have chosen each thing!
For the base of my outfit i have chosen this beautiful skater skirt in black and this lovely marble effect tee! I love both of these, skater skirts are really in this season and i think they give you a great figure, the top i would buy in a size larger to get the baggier effect and i would tuck this tee into the skirt!
Owl themed things are very in the season so what better to start off this trends by adding this great orange owl necklace to the outfit, i love the orange colour as it brightens up the outfit so i added this over sized bag to bring both the colours together! I think orange is a fab autumn colour so i really like both these accessory's.
For my feet i have chosen this cute little pair of cream socks and brown ankle boots! I would wear the socks over the top of the boots as the colours will stand out from each other and look great!
I love the little Ted Baker belt and would place this around the top of the skater skirt to make it look on the higher end fashion!
Finally this gorgeous green karki jacket! I love it soooo much honestly i want it for my self! I would roll the sleeves up so they come just below the elbow and! I would also buy this in a size bigger and wear it open and baggy over the rest of the outfit, this well give it a casual look but still very stylish and gorgeous! The jacket next to the fabulous orange bag i think will look great!
So now try and imagine the whole outfit together, do you fall in love with it just like me?
Hope you love House of Fraser just like me and love this look! Have you entered the House of Fraser competiton? :)
love Caits x x

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Bank holiday weekend trip to London :-)

Hiya guyss!
So for bank holiday my mum,dad brother and me all went to London for the weekend and i enjoyed it so much, we did so much sigh seeing which was great and even had tea at sushi samba on the 37 floor! Here's a few snaps..

 1. My tea the first night at Prezzos! It was so yummy
 2. Harrods! It was massive
 3. My and my Brother stood either side of where tower bridge opens!
 4. The queens walk! We walked from tower bridge all the way to the London eye, my feet were aching so much :(
 5. I really wanted to see the Olympic rings but the Paralympic ones were up instead, still looks amazing!
 6. The chocolate counter in Harrods! hmmm yum
 7. The London eye :-)
 8. My chopsticks at sushi samba, took me a while to get used to so i asked for a fork instead, hehehe!
 9. On the 37th floor at sushi samba, you could see the whole of London! AMAZING!
 10. The one and only oxford street!
11. Costa hot chocolate in the morning while on a red open top bus :)
 12. For the shopaholics out there, this is where they make the FT! Always carry one to your interviews says the famous Sophie Kinsella ;)
 13. Me on a Barclay's bike which i rode all the way round hide park! My legs were killing afterwards!
 14. Looking tired and messy at the end of the day but I'm stood next to Waterloo place :)
 15. One of the Olympic mascots! There all over London in different outfits :)
16. Homer Simpson made of sand drawn next to the Thames!
 17. The beautiful buildings in London!
18. My hugging Tom Daley and stood next to Louis smith in Harrods! SO gorgeous!
20. With a man looking like a tree! So many people dressed up along the Thames front they all looked so good!
I had a lovely bank holiday weekend, and i really do love London! What did you all get up to for yours?
Love Caits x x 

Friday, 24 August 2012 Guest Post

How to Wear the Classic Trainer

Trainers are a staple item of footwear that’s embraced across the world. However, few people are sure when they should wear trainers, or even what to wear them with. A classic pair of trainers offers both men and women comfort, practicality and style. When they’re worn well, they can make or break any outfit.

Many of us wouldn’t think to wear trainers to a nightclub or bar; firstly because you wouldn’t be allowed in and secondly because you may feel they are too casual or scruffy. So, how should you wear the classic trainer?

Go for a Smart Style and Colour

If your outfit is very dark, then do not opt for a bright white trainer- this will make your entire outfit look odd and make your footwear stand out for all the wrong reasons. Instead, consider going for a trainer such as the Fred Perry Reprise cuff trainer. Almost denim in colour, they’ll blend in nicely with your clothes and the sleek look of the trainer can fool many people into believing that they’re actually plimsolls, or other varieties of smart shoe.

Trainers are Safe to Wear With Jeans

If you want to experiment a little with your trainers then it’s safer to do this while wearing a jeans and t-shirt combo. You can choose any colour you want – trainers look great with jeans. Trainers are also the perfect shoes for long journeys - especially if you are driving. They’re also good for going on long walks, or just for everyday wear and tear.

Shorts and Trainers

Whether you’re wearing shorts because it’s hot or because you are at the gym working out - trainers will go hand in hand with your outfit. Many Fred Perry trainers are suitable for wearing when working out, but it’s advisable to check before you buy to make sure the trainer is right for you and the sport you want to use them for. Make sure you pick a shoe that fits properly and never wear shoes that are uncomfortable or painful.

Always check the tread on the bottom of the shoe to make sure it matches the type of sport you intend to play. Low-impact sports still require adequate support, so always choose shoes with extra padding and thicker insoles. Those who suffer from flat-footedness may also want to look at trainers that offer additional arch support to combat this condition.

love :-) x

The Liebster Blog Award

Hi guyyyssss :-)

The lovely Ruby from kindly nominated me for the 'Liebster Blog Award' Iv not really heard much about this before but seen it on a few peoples blogs so i read the whole post and i think its a really great idea so i was like 'aawww' when she nominated me :)
Anyway there are a few rules, but don't worry not like school(thank god)
     - Each person must post eleven things about themselves.
     - Answer the eleven questions the tagger has set for you.
     - Choose eleven people and tag them in this post.
     - Follow the tagger and visit at least three nominees.

So here are eleven things about me..

 1. I'm a massive shopaholic, i cant save money what so ever! as soon as i get it spend spend spend!
2. I'm a massive fan of benefit makeup! I love the stuff and the adorable packaging it comes in!
3. I'm a pole vaulter! How cool is that right? I love athletics!
4. When I'm older i want to live in Manhattan; just so i can give people the 'manhatten once over'
5. But then id also want to live in a mansion in Beverly hills! How posh would you feel typing in your address when ordering on line?:D
6. I'm so determined to go to university!
7. One day i will marry Tom Daley, trust me! Seriously how gorgeous is he?
8. i would love to be at the next Olympic games, but as that it doubtful id love to be a sports commentator there, and as that's doubtful to I'm going to volunteer for the diving instead :)
9. I really want to travel the world!
10. I would love to be some kind of presenter when I'm older
11. Basically to sum me up I'm totally and utterly starstruck just like any other teenage girl!

Now for my eleven answers set by ruby;

1.What is your best blogging tip? always right as your self and make sure your chatty and have a good tone to your text :)
2.Favourite way to spend your free time? Shopping, Sleeping, or with all my friends
3.Favourite blog topic to read? I looooove outfit posts and DIY posts
4.Favourite Social Media Platform? Twitter- im addicted! @_CAITZZZ if your interested ;-)
5.Favourite Colour? that's a hard one, erm purple since its the colour of my room
6.What is your most prized possession? errrm, omg i have no idea, erm i couldn't live with out my phone
7.Favourite physical attribute about yourself? I like my hair because its naturally blonde so i don't have to dye it, except it has purple dip dye atm
8.Favourite character trait about yourself? erm im quite loud, and chatty
9.Something you find funny? photo booth on ipad, it could amuse me for hours!
10.What are your blogging goals, if any? hmm, i dont know, just to hope people enjoy reading my blog :-)

Now for my eleven blogs.. they are..

And finally my eleven questions for my blogs are
1. Why did you start your blog?
2. Who is your style icon?
3. Where is your favourite place to shop?
4. Do you have any other hobbies?
5. What is your favourite item of clothing in your wardrobe?
6. What do you spend your spending money on?
7. Do you have any goals or aims on your blog?
8. Whats your favourite thing about your self?
9. If you could choose to be a celeb who would it be?
10. whats your dream job?
11. How would you describe your style?

Hope you all enjoyed my post! Let me know if your in the liebster blog awards too :-)
love Caits x x

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Newspaper print nails :o)

Hi guys!
I know I'm like sooooooo 2 months late with this trend but i still adore the 'newspaper print nails' so much! They give your nails a real vintage effect and i really love it!
The many times i have tried newspaper print nails and failed is beyond me so i though id try again today and they came out so much better :-)

Ok i know the first hand didn't go so well as i think i was leaving the newspaper on to long so the newspaper ended up sticking to my nails as you can see on my first two nails :( but the second hand was much better!
I advice leaving the news paper on only for about 5 seconds other wise it will get stuck to your nails which doesn't look good! Finish with a clear top coat to, to make your nails look shinny and clean :)
Theres some great videos on you tube showing tutorials of how to do this so if you are interested and love the newspaper effect like me then id check out you tube first :)
hope you like them!
love caits x x

Saturday, 18 August 2012

5 Fabulous Outfits #HOLIDAYSHOP

Hi guys! DaisyButter blog and New Look have set up a fabulous competition for all us bloggers to enter! We have to style 5 different outfits for 5 different occasions on a lovely ibiza holiday and I'm so excited to share my outfits with you!
I have spend all morning choosing what outfits and all the accessories to go with them so i really hope you like them all!

Here's my ibiza story...

So its some ridiculous time in the morning and I'm up with my suitcase packed and ready to leave the house! I'm buzzing with excitement and cant wait to put on my new outfit i bought just for the plane, everyone needs to feel stylish and new whilst flying right?

I love this little shirt, the sequins round the collar are great and make it look a whole lot more stylish! I choose velvet legging to pair with this as they will be comfy to wear but also a whole different texture to the outfit which it great! Denim shirts are very in at the moment so i would wear this open over the top on the shirt, the rucksack gives pattern and colour to the outfit and so does the watch which i love. The shoes finish it off! I chose this because of the cute little studs around them! :)

I finally arrive at ibiza; the sun is shining down and the pool is calling my name! I open my suit case and slip on my bikini.. off to the pool i go!
I adore this bikini, the colour is perfect for a first day of the sun lounger as you wont be very brown yet :( I love these distressed shorts, they have such a cute little style to them! I love the detailing on the sandals! Oh so stylish for around the pool and the bag is perfect for putting in all your little bits and pieces :) The shades finish of the look, i mean you cant not wear shades on holiday right?

I wake up the next morning and the sea is as blue as ever! Yes today is the beach day so i pull out my beach outfit from my suitcase and slip it on... "ooo i do look good"
You cant go wrong with floral at the beach- FACT! I love the bikini so adorable! The gold sandals are very beachy and the cross necklace bring the colours together. I love the white dipped hem tee! I went for a very casual beach look and i would buy this top in the bigger size to get the 'oversized look' The pink bag matches the colours in the bikini and i love how its see through, very summery! 

As i enjoyed the beach so much yesterday i have decided to go again today but spend the whole day there and go to the club after! what a fab plan, and yes they do have showers as the beach- dont worry!
This is my favourite outfit i packed! The skirt is great to be worn at the beach for the day and the skater look is so in fashion atm. You can dress it up with this gorgeous studded bralet and plum heels! I love the love rings which also match the colour of the studs! The earrings dress the outfit up and the bag pulls it all together! I really do love this outfit!

Its my final day it ibiza and i don't want to leave :( I've had a great time so for my last night I'm going to this lovely bar where you can watch the sunset over the sea, its so beautiful, my very last outfit of the holiday is here..
What better colour to wear on the last night than cream, it makes your tan stand out way more and attracts all the boys ;-) These cute brown wedges are perfect with this dress and i love the pattern on them! The purple accessories match great with the dress and the collar adds loads of detail to the neckline of the dress and makes it a whole lot more stylish! Perfect to watch the sun set go down :)

So its come to the end of my holiday and iv had a great time putting together all my outfits, but now sadly there all in my suitcase ready for the flight home! ADIOSSSSSS!

Hope you liked all my outfits as much as i do.. but the question is which one is your favourite? Tell me down below :) and are you jetting off anywhere hot this summer?
If you enter this competition to leave your links down below and ill be sure to check them out as i love looking at every ones different styles :)
love Caits x

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Finally i have purple ends to my hair woopie! I've been wanting to do this for a while as i though it was getting slightly boring but now its back to its quirky self and i love it!
I don't have my camera at the moment so i have had to take the photos on the ipad so the colour doesn't look as vibrant but trust me in real life its a lovely rich purple colour! As soon as i have my camera back i will post some other photos of my new hair too!
This was just a quick post to show you all my new hair so i really hope you like it! I have some more exciting posts to share with you all which will be coming very soon! So what do you all think?
            love Caits x x 

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Style Icon- Oh, how bout' a round of applause?

AHHH! Hi guyss! Sorry i haven't blogged in sooo long! I've been staying at my aunty's and then been to Thorpe park!!:D I haven't been able to take any outfit posts as my camera is currently at my friends house but Ill have it back soon!

So who else has this uncontrollable love for Rihanna? I adore her! She must be my favourite celebrity ever! apart from Tom Daley of course(We're getting married one day tehe)!
Most of my style inspiration comes from Rihanna as i love the way she dresses! I was in love with what she wore to hackney weekend; i know some people wasn't too keen on her look but i loved it! Perfect for a festival!     I also love snapbacks! I know these are hugely controversial but i really do like them and they rock Rihannas look! The photo's are a few of my favourite outfits Rihanna has worn! Some casual and some elegant i love them all!
Do you like Rihannas Style? Who's your celeb style icon?

Thursday, 2 August 2012

My little tin of vaseline..

Who ever invented vaseline is a genius! I could not live with out my little pot everyday. It can be used for so many different things and for not much more than a pound what a bargain it is! These are my top 10 uses :-)

1. Chapped lips! In the winter my lips are always so dry from the awful weather and this is perfect for getting the back in good condition. I apply loads over night and in the morning my lips are as soft as ever.

2. Apparently they make your eye lashes longer(according to angus, thongs and perfect snogging) I once tried this over night and altho0ugh they didn't look longer my mascara was so much easier to apply in the morning!

3. Your feet can get so dry and hard around the heel area from all the walking we do so i find if you apply some vaseline of your heels after the shower every night your heels tend to get a lot softer :)

4. If you mix vaseline with sea salt it makes a wonderful scrub and leaving your skin exfoliated and soft.

5. When i have a cold my nose tends to go all red and horrible and little bits of flaky skin come off :( over night i apply vaseline around my nose and this helps prevent flaky skin

6. For better looking cuticles apply small amounts of vaseline and it makes them look shiny and softer.

7. Vaseline is also great for around the top of your nail varnish lids, it stops the lid sticking to the pot- this is really worth doing :)

8. Any dry skin or rashes it can help soften and get you skin looking back to normal

9. If you use like a power on your eye brows applying vaseline underneath helps it stick on all day so you wont have to re do them :)

10. Finally, my last top tip! If your hair is looking flat my the middle of the day grab your little tin our your handbag and smear a small amount of vaseline all over your hands, then scrunch your hair up and it works pretty much just like hair spray and doesn't make your hair look greasy :)

Hope these tips help, love Caits x