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How to Wear the Classic Trainer

Trainers are a staple item of footwear that’s embraced across the world. However, few people are sure when they should wear trainers, or even what to wear them with. A classic pair of trainers offers both men and women comfort, practicality and style. When they’re worn well, they can make or break any outfit.

Many of us wouldn’t think to wear trainers to a nightclub or bar; firstly because you wouldn’t be allowed in and secondly because you may feel they are too casual or scruffy. So, how should you wear the classic trainer?

Go for a Smart Style and Colour

If your outfit is very dark, then do not opt for a bright white trainer- this will make your entire outfit look odd and make your footwear stand out for all the wrong reasons. Instead, consider going for a trainer such as the Fred Perry Reprise cuff trainer. Almost denim in colour, they’ll blend in nicely with your clothes and the sleek look of the trainer can fool many people into believing that they’re actually plimsolls, or other varieties of smart shoe.

Trainers are Safe to Wear With Jeans

If you want to experiment a little with your trainers then it’s safer to do this while wearing a jeans and t-shirt combo. You can choose any colour you want – trainers look great with jeans. Trainers are also the perfect shoes for long journeys - especially if you are driving. They’re also good for going on long walks, or just for everyday wear and tear.

Shorts and Trainers

Whether you’re wearing shorts because it’s hot or because you are at the gym working out - trainers will go hand in hand with your outfit. Many Fred Perry trainers are suitable for wearing when working out, but it’s advisable to check before you buy to make sure the trainer is right for you and the sport you want to use them for. Make sure you pick a shoe that fits properly and never wear shoes that are uncomfortable or painful.

Always check the tread on the bottom of the shoe to make sure it matches the type of sport you intend to play. Low-impact sports still require adequate support, so always choose shoes with extra padding and thicker insoles. Those who suffer from flat-footedness may also want to look at trainers that offer additional arch support to combat this condition.

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