Sunday, 12 August 2012

Style Icon- Oh, how bout' a round of applause?

AHHH! Hi guyss! Sorry i haven't blogged in sooo long! I've been staying at my aunty's and then been to Thorpe park!!:D I haven't been able to take any outfit posts as my camera is currently at my friends house but Ill have it back soon!

So who else has this uncontrollable love for Rihanna? I adore her! She must be my favourite celebrity ever! apart from Tom Daley of course(We're getting married one day tehe)!
Most of my style inspiration comes from Rihanna as i love the way she dresses! I was in love with what she wore to hackney weekend; i know some people wasn't too keen on her look but i loved it! Perfect for a festival!     I also love snapbacks! I know these are hugely controversial but i really do like them and they rock Rihannas look! The photo's are a few of my favourite outfits Rihanna has worn! Some casual and some elegant i love them all!
Do you like Rihannas Style? Who's your celeb style icon?

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  1. I love Rihanna too! My favourite person ever love her music and style :) x