Thursday, 2 August 2012

My little tin of vaseline..

Who ever invented vaseline is a genius! I could not live with out my little pot everyday. It can be used for so many different things and for not much more than a pound what a bargain it is! These are my top 10 uses :-)

1. Chapped lips! In the winter my lips are always so dry from the awful weather and this is perfect for getting the back in good condition. I apply loads over night and in the morning my lips are as soft as ever.

2. Apparently they make your eye lashes longer(according to angus, thongs and perfect snogging) I once tried this over night and altho0ugh they didn't look longer my mascara was so much easier to apply in the morning!

3. Your feet can get so dry and hard around the heel area from all the walking we do so i find if you apply some vaseline of your heels after the shower every night your heels tend to get a lot softer :)

4. If you mix vaseline with sea salt it makes a wonderful scrub and leaving your skin exfoliated and soft.

5. When i have a cold my nose tends to go all red and horrible and little bits of flaky skin come off :( over night i apply vaseline around my nose and this helps prevent flaky skin

6. For better looking cuticles apply small amounts of vaseline and it makes them look shiny and softer.

7. Vaseline is also great for around the top of your nail varnish lids, it stops the lid sticking to the pot- this is really worth doing :)

8. Any dry skin or rashes it can help soften and get you skin looking back to normal

9. If you use like a power on your eye brows applying vaseline underneath helps it stick on all day so you wont have to re do them :)

10. Finally, my last top tip! If your hair is looking flat my the middle of the day grab your little tin our your handbag and smear a small amount of vaseline all over your hands, then scrunch your hair up and it works pretty much just like hair spray and doesn't make your hair look greasy :)

Hope these tips help, love Caits x


  1. definitely need one of these in my handbag now! love the tips :)

  2. Marmite Vaseline!?

  3. I use a few of these but I also use vaseline to make sure I can pull my flute apart easily!


  4. I adore Vaseline, my little pot comes everywhere with me! Great post :) x