Sunday, 30 June 2013

saving my bank balance

I always need new tops I mean if there's never a single top you want you must have something majorly wrong but 3 tops for £7 I cant complain, primark you have saved my bank balance, I mean literally I was down to my last tenner; who ever though eBay was so expensive?! with a watch list 3 pages long I may have gone a little crazy, in a good way though.

all tops: Primark
I never ever shop in Primark but since my 'things I need to buy' list is extremely long and unhealthy at the minute eBay, Sales and Primark have been heaven- not exactly heaven, but close enough! I can never find clothes in Primark well actually I can never be bothered to look but the men's section is actually pretty cheap, I got the Kate Moss top for A QUID which is slightly ridiculous, I mean a quid I should have bought 10 and sold then on eBay and made a profit(oh gosh I actually should have done that). It was one of those buys where on the label it says £3.50 and when you arrive at the till its £1, I'm sure every shopper has experienced this before and if you haven't, well you don't shop enough! But seriously when this happens its the best feeling ever because its as if you've made money in a weird sort of way. So basically I saved £2.50, or made £2.50 because I was going to spend that. I got the other 2 tops for £3 each which I think is so cheap!! With these two tops I'm going to cut the sleeves of and cut down the side seam a bit so that I can wear them baggy and tucked into shorts! I also thing they will look really good if I buy some more lace cycling shorts but which are a bit longer and wear them over the top of them as a sort of t-shirt dress when the weather hot.
Lace cycling shorts.. something else added to my list of things I need, do you see what I mean? My list if forever growing. I may have to go back to Primark though because they have so many t-shirts which I can cut up to look good and I love how they all follow the grungy style in a weird way. I'm now waiting for a Cara Delevingne tee to come out I LOVE CARA DELEVINGNE!
I'm now away till Friday Camping with no internet connection(please kill me) and I will only have twitter on my phone till the battery runs out so yeah wish me look and see you all soon!
I'm also having a blog sale on the tab at the top of my page if you're interested! another also.. I'm guessing blogger dashboard is pretty much gone as mine wont load grrrrrr!! so yeah guys you will have to follow me on blog loving!! 

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

BLOG SALE and other things :)

Just a quick update post, I have a BLOG SALE yayyy!! I create another page for it on my blog which you can click on at the top and browse through my things, being a skint teenager and wanting expensive clothes isn't a good combination!

Also my Prom is this Friday which I'm quite excited about and cant wait to show you all what I'm wearing and of course what all my friends are wearing so look out for that post :-) 

My outfit posts will be back soon, just finding it so hard to post at the min cause I'm away for practically all of July on Holiday and other things but I'm going to do some post scheduling before I go!

Hope you are all ok and having a good summer, so glad I finally have no more school!

love Caits x 

Friday, 21 June 2013

saving money on fashion

I LOVE shopping and I mean who doesn't but now its the holidays my shopping habits are coming slightly ridiculous as most of my free time is spent online shopping, and I don't just mean a bit of shopping here and there; oh no, yesterday I spent the whole say online shopping, I don't even know how it happened but one minute the clock said 11:00 and the next it said 18:00 and at this point I realized I was addicted! While online though I have found some life saving bargains, (Cartier love ring £2.20 instead of £1,150) yes!!! I'm obsessed with these because of the Kardashians! I mean its obviously not real but it looks the spitting image of the real one so I'm sure no one will notice, anyway I though I'd do a post about the best ways to save money when shopping- cause this is what I'm best at!

First of all I must start with eBay (where I got the Cartier love ring from!) I'm literally obsessed with eBay and could ramble on about it for hours, they have rings at such cheap prices I'm talking like 99p which come from china/hong kong and yes they do take a while to get here but when postage is free I don't even mind! They also have great look alike's of the more pricey high street items for much cheaper and the best tip I have for you.. type in the search bar 'topshop(then your size) and hundreds of topshop clothes come up mostly starting at 99p and some can be brand new!!  Its like heaven I'm so obsessed!

Another online website I love is BooHoo ,not as much for their trousers/dresses but they do some of the best basic items, yesterday I bought a charcoal maxi skirt and white crop top for £13! And the best part is they do smaller sizer 4&6 which it like my dream come true as I'm so small :-( I also love the cut out tops and basic polo neck tops boohoo do, they are a fraction of the price you would find any where else! Boohoo also has some really lovely jewelry which I always find my self browsing through!

Now I'm pretty sure every one in the blogging world has heard of 'Fashion Vouchers' and If you haven't I suggest you take a look at their website right now as they have some great deals! I also look on their website before purchasing encase I can get any money off! They also have their own blog which I love reading through so I'd say using Fashion vouchers is definitely a great way to save money and specially for bloggers like us! 

Another way I love to save money on fashion is blog competitions, twitter competitions and blog giveaways! Although I've only ever won a BB cream and a couple of make up brushes when I first started my blog I think they are such lovely gifts and I still use the make up brushes now which have been super handy! Twitter have great competitions and sometimes all you have to do is 'follow' and 'RT' to enter and you have the change of winning a dress/top/makeup or what ever they are giving away! Ted Baker had a competition a few weeks ago to choose your favourite pieces from their new collection to win some TB vouchers which would have been super handy to who ever won them! 

My last tip on how to save money is of course SALES! I'm in love with these things and Topshop their mid season sale today and have some lovely little bargains! Before online shopping I suggest always look on the sale section first as sometimes they have alternatives you could buy instead of something really expensive- just remember sale shopping is the best! 

Other than that places such as, H&M, New Look(especially for shoes) ASOS, Miss Guided & Primark are all great places to shop if your looking for affordable fashion!

I hope I've turned you all into 'saving money on fashion' freaks now,
love Caits x 

Sunday, 16 June 2013

girly for a change

Shorts: Next(friends), BlackTop: H&M, DenimJacket: Primark, Shoes: Converse 
Finally my exams are over!!! I now have 10 weeks off to do absolutely nothing and blog! As the suns been shining recently I though a good summery outfit would be good to get back into the jist of things :) All the things I'm wearing are actually from last year's summer wardrobe, there's thousands of summer clothes I want this year and I've got them all saved on my iPad I just don't know where to start.. maybe I shouldn't start as I will probably never stop!
I actually love these shorts, I practically live in denim shorts so these are a nice change, something quite girly which I never go for! I much prefer the grunge type looks but the print on these shorts it way to pretty not to show off! So thankyou so much Holly for giving them me!! I just went for a plain black top and denim jacket as I wanted the shorts to really stand out. I practically live in my converse at the minute, all my other shoes are a tad to wintry so shoes is definitely of the 'things to buy next' list! So off to the internet shopping I go...
love Caits x 

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

CJG Collection - my faves

So Chloe Green has released her new collections in Topshop and I love everything, if I could buy every single pair of shoes.. I would, but of course we are talking almost designer prices which teenage girls cant exactly afford right now :(! I've put together my favourite things from her summer collection but my ultimate faves are the black wedges with the wooden heel, IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! I love how Chloe has detailed them with the scalloped edges and I love how the heel isn't majorly high so they could be worn on different occasions. Basically I really really want them and I'm officially saving from now, if I worn them every day of the year it would be less than a pound per wear, not bad when you think of it like that hahaha! 

Sorry for the whole not blogging thing recently, I promise I will back very soon! I had my geography exam today so fingers crossed that went okay! I have 4 exams next week then I'm officially free from school for 10 weeks yaayyy!!!
Hope you are all enjoying the sun- the weather has been FAB-U-LOUS here in Sheffield :)
love Caits x