Sunday, 30 June 2013

saving my bank balance

I always need new tops I mean if there's never a single top you want you must have something majorly wrong but 3 tops for £7 I cant complain, primark you have saved my bank balance, I mean literally I was down to my last tenner; who ever though eBay was so expensive?! with a watch list 3 pages long I may have gone a little crazy, in a good way though.

all tops: Primark
I never ever shop in Primark but since my 'things I need to buy' list is extremely long and unhealthy at the minute eBay, Sales and Primark have been heaven- not exactly heaven, but close enough! I can never find clothes in Primark well actually I can never be bothered to look but the men's section is actually pretty cheap, I got the Kate Moss top for A QUID which is slightly ridiculous, I mean a quid I should have bought 10 and sold then on eBay and made a profit(oh gosh I actually should have done that). It was one of those buys where on the label it says £3.50 and when you arrive at the till its £1, I'm sure every shopper has experienced this before and if you haven't, well you don't shop enough! But seriously when this happens its the best feeling ever because its as if you've made money in a weird sort of way. So basically I saved £2.50, or made £2.50 because I was going to spend that. I got the other 2 tops for £3 each which I think is so cheap!! With these two tops I'm going to cut the sleeves of and cut down the side seam a bit so that I can wear them baggy and tucked into shorts! I also thing they will look really good if I buy some more lace cycling shorts but which are a bit longer and wear them over the top of them as a sort of t-shirt dress when the weather hot.
Lace cycling shorts.. something else added to my list of things I need, do you see what I mean? My list if forever growing. I may have to go back to Primark though because they have so many t-shirts which I can cut up to look good and I love how they all follow the grungy style in a weird way. I'm now waiting for a Cara Delevingne tee to come out I LOVE CARA DELEVINGNE!
I'm now away till Friday Camping with no internet connection(please kill me) and I will only have twitter on my phone till the battery runs out so yeah wish me look and see you all soon!
I'm also having a blog sale on the tab at the top of my page if you're interested! another also.. I'm guessing blogger dashboard is pretty much gone as mine wont load grrrrrr!! so yeah guys you will have to follow me on blog loving!! 

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