Sunday, 7 July 2013

pretty summer

I can't believe I'm actually wearing something what could be classed as 'girly'- a flowery dress isn't really me but I definitely love this one, I'm normally a grunge/boyish style but yano what the suns out so time for my summer wardrobe to come out too.

Dress:Miss Selfridge, Belt:Primark
I picked this up in Miss Selfridge yesterday for £19 something with student discount, not bad ey. Yes you may wonder why I was at Meadowhall on such a lovely day but basically I go on holiday on the 17th and have barley any summer clothes and I was away last week camping and I'm also away this week at derby uni so theres no time for shopping(or maybe a tad of online shopping).
I actually though this was a dress when I tried it on as my covers my bum and everything like that but when looking for it on the Miss Selfridge website I slowly worked out it was a top.. but when your tiny at 5'2" a long top/ dress is practically the same thing! They also have this in a lovely peachy colour which I was so temped to buy as well but I've just ordered a bag off line so that's my money pretty much gone hahahah.
Hope you are all enjoying the sun! I will try and post again next weekend and before I go on holiday as not sure I will have Internet connection next week except on my phone! Back off out in the sun now to top up the tan (nearly tan) and for a BBQ with the fam! 
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love Caits x 

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  1. Wow, I really like Your blog and Your lovely style. Lace dress is so cute and elegant!!! I also fall in love with girlish outfits and I love shopiing too. Hope You'll get a chance to see my blog too and if you liked it just follow me, I will follow You back. Hope we'll keep in touch:)
    Have a nice evening