Wednesday, 28 August 2013

off the shoulder

I actually stole this cardigan of my mum, I went for the ' not really caring ' look and thought this cardi would look good slouched off one shoulder as its slightly over sized, yep I like it. 
 Shorts: Topshop / Cardigan: Next / Cami: Topshop / Bag: iOffer / Boots: River Island 
Yes, these shorts are new. And they really shouldn't be new as I have no money and I'm trying to save for a car (ha ha never going to happen) but somehow they ended up in my bag at Topshop for £32! I mean why would I even spend £32 on a pair of denim shorts when we are going into winter practically and I already have a pair. But my others are getting old and shape less cause they've been washed so many times so that's my excuse - I really really really needed a new pair.
I went down to London for the bank holiday weekend; well Sunday- Tuesday actually and this was my travel down/dinner with the family look! We had steak, chicken, sausages and salmon all of the BBQ- my favourite! This is probably one of my more simple outfits as there is not really much to it but I kinda like it - deffo 100 times more with my new boots! Oh did I just say new again- yep a car is not coming my way any time soon!!! 
I've fallen in love with 'biker boots' if that's what you would call them, yano the black ankle boots with all the buckles and zips; yeah those I LOVE THEM! I think they make any outfit 10 times better and are definitely my favourite thing for the new season!!
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Saturday, 24 August 2013


I finally made tumblr!!! I've been wanting to make one for ages but couldn't quite think of the perfect name and today it just came to me! 'Seven Hills' from the famous seven hills in Sheffield- where I come from, and style because I'm going to post lots and lots of pictures all showing my favourite styles off! I would love love love if you could follow me! I have so many photos I can't wait to show you that I have been saving for a while now! 
Also if you have a tumblr please leave your link down below as I need lots more blogs to follow!!
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I'm off to London for the BHW so will have new outfits too show you when I get back! Hope you enjoy your bank holiday weekend!!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


 There was a wall full of all the acts performing!
 In the crowd for RUDIMENTAL (now my favourite ever people they were amazing)
 I think I'm still hyperventilating over HOW BLOODY AMAZING RUDIMENTAL WERE! The fact we were soooo close to the front, and the crowd was HUGE and I mean huge from right to left you could see endless people it was class. The amount of bottles that were being chucked up was ridiculous but heeey isn't that part of the festival experience! When 'Feel the love' came on everyone made a love heart with their hands and omg I had goose bumps the whole time- but now my new favourite song is 'Right here' -I love it!!! 
 Edit on instagram of the Rudimental crowd! had their own tent where they were doing FREE face art so I got some little daisy's down the side of my face to match the ones in my hair. I loved the VERY tent! They also had a free photo booth which was so cute.
Calvin Harris was also amazing!! But I mean WHY would you put Calvin and Kings on Leon on at the same time?!?! I wanted too see both so bad! We stayed at CH for an hour and then ran to KOL and caught Use Somebody, Radioactive and Sex on Fire which was ON ANOTHER LEVEL.. and the best end ever to the best day!! Through out the day we also saw Scouting for girls, John Newman, Tom Odell, Ellie Goulding, and a bit of Rita Ora, Olly Murs and Stereophonic(who looked amazing on TV and I wish I had of seen them all :(! So yeah my 1st festival was sooo good and I can't to go to another!!! Have any of you been to festivals this year?

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

100 goes to this outfit

The colour is my favourite part about this top, not so much the beads. I mean I love the beads but when putting the top on and taking it off all I hear is beads dropping to the ground and I can never find where they have come from!!
 Top: Topshop // Bag: Ted Baker // Shoes: Primark // Jeans: Topshop(similar here) //
I wasn't even meant to be shopping when I bought this top. I had gone to Meadowhall for a few last minute holiday things and after buying a leather jacket in Zara (sale of course- this is all I can afford) I though well I might as well spend all my savings now and so splashed out on this top! I don't really have 'evening tops' so I justified it like this. I'm so addicted man! I bought it for £36 and now its in the sale for £18, this is another reason I really need a Topshop card but if I get one my debt will be unspeakable & I'm not 18 yet anyway..which could be a good thing.
Now I love these shoes from Primark and lets just say £12 for looking at a pair of shoes every day ain't bad- yep I can't walk in them ha ha!!! I have no hope but I manged to stumble around in them for these photos which is a step forward. 
Oh and this is my 100th post, hence the name :)) 
caitlin-alannah x 

Sunday, 11 August 2013

tie that denim shirt

 I love these kind of outfits.. shorts, top and a shirt around my waist has been a favorite of mine this 'summer'. I mean I'm sure I used to wrap my jacket around my waist when I was about 5 but my young style has returned to me and I love it.
Shorts: Topshop / Top: Topshop / Shoes: Zara / Shirt: Hollister / Bands: Holiday
This has probably been my most worn outfit this summer and also one of my favourites. I got the top a while back in Topshop but have never really worn it till now; once I paired it with my black shorts( I got these in the sale for a tenner when I was on a spending ban opps) and denim jacket I liked it a whole lot more than when I first bought it hahaha the joys of shopping. Now please don't get me started on my new sandals because I could probably right 4 paragraphs on how much I love them but I wont as you can all see in the photos how gorgeous they are.. yes they are gorgeous ok! I got them just before I went on holiday from Zara in the sale for £30.. I know £30 shouldn't even be classed as a sale price but I did pretty much wear them every evening on my holiday (I really have no holiday/summer shoes) so that makes them about £2 per wear and I'll be wearing them a whole lot more! I lack on the whole shoe game thing, the list of shoes I want it endless but I always end up buying clothes instead and then the list of shoes I want gets longer! 
The suns been shinning today so I've had a lovely day doing nothing- I still have post holiday depression! See ya soon! 
love Caits x 

Sunday, 4 August 2013

my new little one

So firstly how cute is this little bag I got off iOffer! After seeing Kylie Jenner post photos of her Celine bag on instagram (now who isn't jealous of that girl) and falling in love with it deeply I knew a 'fake' 'look alike' would be in my hands very soon! As expensive as my taste may be I can't quite afford a real one yet so I'm settling for 2nd best. Sigh

OK blogger you can stop turning half my photos upside down. WHY?! I have no idea and because I'm not a technical genius you might have to turn your laptop upside down to see 2 of the photos, sorry guys! 
I while back I put a photo on instagram on both celine bags I wanted..The black one and the black and cream one. I actually also want the red one and dark green one but I though no Caitlin, control your self 2 bags is enough (I do picture my self with many colours of celine bags when I'm older though) and anyway most of you said get the black and cream one so I did.. and 3 weeks later a black one showed up at my door and a lot smaller than expected, that's China's fake goods for you. Anyway I've decided it will do me fine for when I only need a few things and black goes with everything right? So there problem solved and I'm going to save up probably till I'm 50; this girl don't save; and buy a real one SO EXCITED! So for now I'll just be all sulky when the Kardashians post piccys of their's!
love Caits x

Thursday, 1 August 2013

sun, marbella & benelamadena

The view from my balcony- so pretty!!!
What I wore the first night- new sale top from zara
My view while looking up from my sun bed
The life guard...
Went Indian by wearing my head chain
Sandcastle on Marbella beach!! So carefully done
On Marbella beach
Pretty scenery in Marbella Old town
The beautiful streets on Marbella old town
and again..
the moon and the boat
a Spanish tradition happening while we was out for tea.
pool side day and tanning :))
I've finally been on a Segway!! they are amazing!!!
Early morning tanning- the rays were beautiful
Loved this chicken skewer!  

They do Solero Mojito's!!! 
After having a lovely holiday I'm now sat at home in Sheffield wishing I was back abroad because I love the sun and pool way to much. Hope you like all the photos, we stayed in a beautiful apartment in Benalmadena called the 'Mediterra' with 3 pools a great view of the sea and a gym(which I didn't go in once) opps! We travelled to Marbella for 3 nights and the Old town there is one of the best places ever! I recommend a restaurant called 'La cuisine' they do amazing Spanish food- their crispy potato skins are the best! They also have a sky bar right on top of the building which has the best view ever- we went back twice it was so good! I'm looking out my window and the sun has popped out finally so for the rest of the day I'll be sat in the garden catching the rays- my tan is going no where quick! Hope you've all had lovely holidays too or are off on a plane soon!
My blogging routine is back as I'm in Sheffield for a while now and I have so many outfits I can't wait to show you so keep a look out!!
p.s I finally have an Iphone so will be on instagram a lot more now with my ootd's.. my user is _caitzzz so make sure you follow me :) See you all v soon!
love Caits x