Sunday, 14 July 2013


Finally I get to show you a few of my prom photos! I literally had the best time ever at prom, the previous year 11 were all like 'yeah its shit' blar blar blar but our year had the best time ever! I got my dress and bag both from Ted Baker.. yes TB you have done it again- I LOVE U! I got the black strappy shoes from M&S, I mean I never shop in M&S but I was getting desperate and these were my last resort but I've fallen for them and for 25 quid I couldn't complain.. and the belt PRIMARK! 
We had a photographer before and you can check out her facebook page here.. she does lovely photos, some of her wedding ones are beautiful! We then traveled to the Mecure Hotel in Sheffield which is such a lovely place and MICHEAL BUBLE was staying there the same night as us!!! Although I didn't get to see him :( I wish I could go back and do it all again! 
My blogging is poor recently I need to get back into the spirit of things! I've been away for the last 2 weeks on the NCS summer program thing which I have loved and met some really nice people and on Wednesday I go on holiday for 2 weeks yayyyyyy!!
I also might do a huge youtube vid as no joke I've bought like 20 tops this past month! So yeah look out for that before I go! Hope everyone's enjoying this English weather! 

love Caits x 

Sunday, 7 July 2013

pretty summer

I can't believe I'm actually wearing something what could be classed as 'girly'- a flowery dress isn't really me but I definitely love this one, I'm normally a grunge/boyish style but yano what the suns out so time for my summer wardrobe to come out too.

Dress:Miss Selfridge, Belt:Primark
I picked this up in Miss Selfridge yesterday for £19 something with student discount, not bad ey. Yes you may wonder why I was at Meadowhall on such a lovely day but basically I go on holiday on the 17th and have barley any summer clothes and I was away last week camping and I'm also away this week at derby uni so theres no time for shopping(or maybe a tad of online shopping).
I actually though this was a dress when I tried it on as my covers my bum and everything like that but when looking for it on the Miss Selfridge website I slowly worked out it was a top.. but when your tiny at 5'2" a long top/ dress is practically the same thing! They also have this in a lovely peachy colour which I was so temped to buy as well but I've just ordered a bag off line so that's my money pretty much gone hahahah.
Hope you are all enjoying the sun! I will try and post again next weekend and before I go on holiday as not sure I will have Internet connection next week except on my phone! Back off out in the sun now to top up the tan (nearly tan) and for a BBQ with the fam! 
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love Caits x