Sunday, 27 January 2013

two many shoes

Chelsea boots- Ebay, here, or for the full listings here,
Glitter ankle boots- Debenhams, here 

You may think i have an obsession with shoes as i have gained 3 pairs in the last week (also some studded creepers but i'll show you them another time) but i actually haven't . I don't even have that many shoes believe it or not. Basically i was browsing on ebay as you do and found this gorgeous chelsea heeled boots for £9.99.. so of course i'm going to buy them, i know i'm supposed to be saving and all that but seriously they could be a life time investment and say in 5years time i can wear them again yay! Then shopping in Debenhams they have like the most MASSIVE'ish shoe sale ever!!! And if you buy 1 pair you get another half price, so my mum bought some ankle boots, black and all sparkly  which i must say are gorgeous and chosen by mwah, shes so lucky to have a top bargain shopper like me as a daughter. I then saw these little boots for £12 and i though they;'d be great for like, well actually i'm not too sure but they look great with these skinny jeans i have so like meals and stuff they will be good to wear.. and of course i got them for £6, TOTAL BARGAIN! 6 tiny winy pounds!! 2 pairs of boots for only £16, but now i'm back to saving again, except i did buy a new top today so my saving will now start next week!
Hope you've all had a lovely weekend. The snow has officially left:-( What do you think to my new boots?:-)
love Caits x 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

love at first sight- the topshop dress

I'm so in love! My new favourite item in my wardrobe, i know im meant to be saving and that but seriously this had to be mine!! |Every girl needs a new dress. I had seen this a few weeks ago online in topshop but they only had size 16's left which may be a bit to big hahah, so after searching all the stores in england 'Strand' in London had a size 6 left, and of course no one else was having it, so i rang up anyway and asked them if they could reserve it for me and they did yayyy!! My mum&dad picked it up for me when then went to london last week so now its offically all mine and no one elses:-)  I also got a new 'topshop lip crayon' which i have on it the last photo, i got the shade arcade which is this gorgeous dark red plam colour.. hmm i love it and i love the lip crayon too, i may need to purcase a few more after i have done some saving.. or not! I look officially dead in the last photo, i sware im normally much more awake but me and getting up early does not go together and since i have school 5days a week getting up any later than 7 isnt even an option :-(
Hope you're all okay and having a 'lovely week, does everyone still have the snow? :)
love Caits x

Thursday, 17 January 2013

pretty snow

aw how pretty are these photos? I love the snow! Well not exactly i hate the cold but its so pretty to watch :) 
Ok so iv been having some problems with blogger, like why isn't it letting me upload photos? I go to add a photo and it doesn't come up with the 'choose files' button? :( does any body know why? 
I have new outfits and clothes to show you which i am super excited about and a cute pair of boots of eBay which were such a bargain :-) so i soon as my blogger is back working properly look out as i have loads of posts planned for you guys, but for now its blogging off my mums mac when she's not using it.. not v often!! 
I hope you are all enjoying the snow and so sorry for the lack of blogging, i will be back on track soon! AND THANKYOU sooooo much to everyone who follows my little blog, i finally reached 100 followers which i am super happy about so thanksss girlies :-) Hope you're having a lovely week!
love Caits x 

Friday, 11 January 2013

topshop hat

hat- Topshop (here)
I got this lovely little hat from Topshop last week, i didn't actually go out to buy it, well i didn't actually go out to do any spending at all but when i saw it i really really really wanted it. So i though its winter and i need a hat, of course my head has got to be warm in winter DUH. It was £14 which is kind of expensive for a hat but then i though if i wear it 14 times it will have only cost me £1 each time which is actually a bargain, so far i have worn it once( so my theory isn't going quite so well as i thought) but I'm going to wear it again tonight so, so far that's £7per wear. I'm really trying to save money this year so i came up with this plan to only go out and buy things which i have seen online already and have been wanting for ages or things i really need, i say this, yet it never works :( i go out, buy the things i want + 10 other things as well and this is how i end up being s.k.i.n.t! Seriously i need help does anyone have a top way to save money? I was thinking of freezing my debit card like Rebecca Bloomwood does... but in a crisis moment when the last pair of size3 Topshop boots are on sale for £10 and I'm racing another girl for them, it would be slightly embarrassing if i won; but had to give them away because of course my card is sat, frozen, at home, in the freezer, oh dear.(Ps this was a made up situation, i doubt topshop would do £10 boots for sale)  
any 'better' ways of saving money girls? apart from freezing your card hahaha.
love Caits x

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

being 'girly' for once

Iv had this top for like ages basically, i got it from Miss Selfridge a while ago and decided to re dig it out for the 'Chic Season'! I'm classing it as chic anyway cause its quite casual with cute little patterns on it and flowers :-) Now this top isn't exactly my style as i luuuuurve all the grunge/rock glam clothing at the moment, espesh the dark plum lipstick hmm!! But i thought I'd give it a go with my new jeans from Topshop( I love the like faded effect on them, and the comfiest pair of jeans ever!) and an £8 pair of brown swede boots from primark.. bargain! Ok so i do also realise on the 3rd photo the tops half tucked into my jeans.. opppss! I didn't even realise till after looking through the photos and now cant change it, but never mind if we all just picture it as not there everything should be fine :-) I choose to wear my green checkered coat as i love the colours green and cream together! I still can't really decide if i like it or not and if its my style? HELP ME PLEASE!! What do you think? And have you any items you are digging out for this season?
Also i want to do another blog post but it wont let me upload any photos?:( has any other blogger done this?
love Caits x

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Ted Baker for £17?

Yes its true.. this cost me £17 wooooo!! So of course here's the story that comes with it..
For Christmas i got the purple ted baker mini makeup bag with the dark blue bow and i loved it!! I adored this colour since the first day it came out so i was really excited as its replaced my old 'Benefit' mini makeup bag which has done its self proud! When looking round John Lewis with my mum its always nice to have a quick look at the Ted Baker stand as i knew all the makeup bags were on sale.. anyhow it looked as if there wasn't any left; UN TILL a nice lady came up too the TB stand and placed the LAST 2 makeup bags  on the shelf! MANY MANY eyes looked as they had been reduced to £17 from £29!! Bargain! So not wanting to look to eager i waited till the Lady who had asked if there was any left to pick up hers and then i ran for mine.. no way was i letting anyone else have the last one.. especially at that price! As i carried on looking round a found I few people following me, hoping I would put it down HA NO. As i got to the till to pay there were 2 Ladys stood across from me just encase i didn't want it, as to be fair i do already have a small one which is all i need, and I'm debating with my mum whether to buy it or not and there looking at me like please can i have it? so you know what i do?BUY IT! Mwahahaha oh I'm such a bad shopper :-( But anyway it now keeps all my makeup inside so my surface isn't cluttered and also, its just pretty to look at :-) And my purple one is used for when i take touch up make up out with me as its just the right size :-) I got some more Benefit lipstick/gloss for Christmas which are really nice, so once again my Benefit collection has grown, you should really take a look at their cosmetics they are soo pretty packaged and amazing!!
love Caits x

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

MY 2012 :-)

This year i...
 -Went to the opening of the Olympic Stadium

-Dyed the ends of my hair dark purple (I barley have any photos of it :( )

-Went to London NW5 Studio's for a photo shoot for Teen Queen UK

-Went on a day trip with my friends to Cleethorps and enjoyed the windy weather, sand in our hair, and poor fish and chips, but it was such a good day! PS, abbie should be on this photo to :-)

-Experienced 'A Fashion Conversation' with Grace Woodward, The owner of London college of fashion, the m&s fashion buyer and a fashion clothing scientist, and then met grace after yay!

-Visited Camden Lock, possibly my favourite ever place in London, bought some lovely things in Camden market and enjoyed lovely food there!

-Qualified for English Schools Athletics so spent a few days living in Durham Uni accommodation and competing!

-Ate at a iconic Restaurant 'Sushi Samba' on the 37th floor over looking the whole of London!

-Had a day out at Thorpe Park and went on Saw and Slealth.. omg best rides EVER!!

-Went on holiday!

-STARTED MY FASHION BLOG!! This was my first ever banner aww :') my blog has changed so much in the space of a few months and thankyou so much to everyone reading, I'm so glad i started this :-)

-Had an AMAZING time at The Killers concert! BY far one of the best things in 2012!!!

-Went to the Clothes Show live with my bestfriends and had a fab girlie day out!

-Went to see Legally Blonde The Musical- ITS AMAZING! Best Musical ever!

- Had a lovely time at my bestfriends Dads wedding, ate yummy food and danced all night long

-and finally... I turned 16!!! I has such a wonderful birthday and got so many lovely presents :-)

Thankyou to everyone for a fab 2012 and i hope 2013 is just as good!!
love Caits xxx