Sunday, 30 September 2012

Denim, Karki&Burgundy

If you haven't been able to tell already these are my 3 most absolute favourite colours this season! I fell in love with the colour 'karki green' along time ago and now topshop is full of it! Yayyyy! I LOVE the 2 jackets and when i tried them both on in topshop i seriously could not decide which one i like the most. The leather sleeved one looks gorgeous on but then i love that on the all karki one you can roll up the sleeves and i love the collar it has too. Which one do you prefer?
The green puplum is also a favourite of mine from topshop yet when ever i go in they never seem to have my size *sad face*
The green shirt is just amazing. And even better they do it in petite so i may as well just buy it, it was practically made for me! I love the material its made in and the studs around the collar are adorable. It also has a baggy effect which i love at the moment; Print/textured leggins and a baggy tee/shirt OMG JUST SO AMAZING!
The hair band is like for a snowy day where you're chillin in your sweatpants and hoodie, hair up in a messy bun and then this cute little headband which i love! The colours and patterns of it are so winter'y and would look really nice with my blonde hair i think :)
The dress is basically just a dress. Its only £20 though so why not? I really love the colour and you can dress it up or down depending on where you're off out to so i think this would be a good all round piece in my wardrobe.
Finally the denim shirt! I adore the sleeves and think this is why i chose this shirt out from the rest! The lighter colours like cream and blue go lovely with the karki green colour i think so of course i would HAVE to buy them both as its like an outfit all in 1! In fact i think i may as well just buy this whole wish list, its all perfect for winter and i love everything on it. Hopefully some money just appears in my purse, or we win the lottery, or topshop just very kindly give them to me for being such a great customer anyway tehehe!
Do you like my items as much as me?
love Caits

Friday, 28 September 2012

MEADOWHALL LOCK IN! caitlin are you shopping again?!

Ahhhhhh hi everyone! I'm so excited about this post today as i still cant believe it my self, so yesterday evening at meadowhall(shopping centre in Sheffield if you didn't know) had a student lock down between 7-10 which basically means you get discount off hundreds of shops, and at the same time its like a massive party in meadowhall, its so amazing i loved it! At topshop theres 20% off everything so of course that's the very first place me and my friend went!  
As i only came to meadowhall with £30 and £8 on my card i was kind of limited but i was deffo taking advantage of the 20% off so i though ill just buy the 'karki green peplum top' from topshop because that's the only thing i 'need' and i wont resist to anything else. But of course that didn't happen cause as soon as i walked in the shop these shorts just like flew at me; no idea where they came from but there they was.. in my hand and i defiantly wasn't letting go of them, it was like fate! I then took a while looking round topshop and tbh it was really weird, all these clothes were ending up in my hands and i have no idea how?! I found this lovely denim shirt, this cute little cream speckled tee, a lovely little bralet, and of course the green peplum top(which i originally came for) all in my hands! Off to the changing rooms i went...

(please ignore the awful quality of photos, i seriously need a new camera!)
Now I'm thinking i only have £30 and i seriously want the shorts as I'm still yet to own a pair of 'MOTO topshop shorts' so i ask the assistant how much they are because they didn't have a tag and she said £32! omg dilemma dilemma! I can afford them with student discount but what about the green top i want?:( and i really wanted the cream speckled one to because I've had this fab idea to sew some cute badges onto the bottom corner of it! OMG ahhhhhh! Hmm well if i get the shorts and cream speckled top it comes to £36.80 with my student discout because the tops only £14! So i can pay £30 in cash and the £6.80 on my card; but then i don't have enough for my dinner, ohh well i don't mind missing food for clothes! Anyway about the green top it was a size 10 and fitted ok but, well lets face it any girl would feel happier with a size 8 in the back of their top even if no one knew so ill just save up for that another time. Right yes I'm sorted!
So off to the till i go and as I'm waiting theres all the lovely little nail varnish's sat staring at me :( NO CAITLIN CONTROL YOUR SELF(another thing I'm now saving up for)! So anyway she scans the top and types in the bar code for the shorts, i show her my student discount and she then says '£16.80 please' I'M LIKE WHAAA?' shes like £16.80, so I'm like well okay!!!
I pay her with like the hugest grin of my face ever and then walk away and look at the receipt, The shorts came up for £7.. yes £7! I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!
I was soooo happy i mean £16.80 for a top and shorts, wahooooo I'm no longer in debt :)
The lovely lady also gave my this adorable topshop tote bag which i love to pieces, its so cute!

I also got a cute topshop carrier bag which makes a change from the white and red ones, and i still have my pink meadowhall lock in wrist band on as i think its giving me luck! Ill be keeping it on for a while :)
Look out for lots of outfit posts, and maybe a DIY for my speckled top if i can find some badges and hopefully the green karki peplum top will be mine soon, teheheheh I'm shopping obsessed!
love Caits xx

Sunday, 23 September 2012

topshop tee's

So sorry i havent blogged in a whole week! Iv been really busy with school and training so iv not had the time :(
Last night i went out for tea to nando's for my friends 16th birthday! I seriously cant believe shes 16 hahaha! Feels not long ago we was even in year 7!
So of course we all know when you're out for a birthday you HAVE to go shopping before, i mean its a must to buy at least a new top so me and chloe trotted off to town for a shop in topshop and we litrally tried every single top on in the shop! I'm like totally obsessed with all there cute little tee's atm so in the end i decided to buy this cute little top for £18!(and my student discount of course)!
For the evening i paired it with a black skater skirt from internationale(£10) a patterned belt, some frilly socks and boots from primark and my lovely little 'c' scrabble necklace of ebay!
My friend chloe also bought one of the tee's from topshop and this is what she wore..
I love her denim skater skirt its so cute! Her top was also £18 from topshop and i love it too, when we next go shopping were thinking on buying ther whole collection of tee's hahaha!
Have you been up to anything exciting this weekend? What do you think of the outfits? :)
love Caits x x

Sunday, 16 September 2012

dipped hems and crosses

(Sorry about the photos, there not the best quality as iv spilt orange juice on my camera:( )
 Dipped hem skirt 99p
cross ring 99p
How amazing are these bargains? I was scrolling around eBay and came across these beauties! They're from a wholesaler in hong kong so it took a while for them to arrive but seriously at 99p i couldn't resist!
The skirt was only 1 size so i thought id have to wear a belt round the top but when it came i was thrilled! The sizing is perfect, it must be a size 6 as it fits great, not to big and the length is just right :)! I couldn't have been any happier! I adore this cross ring to i have been wanting one for ages but at £5 or over in places like topshop or miss selfrige i though i might as well try this one out! I actually much prefer it to the ones in the high street to and a 99p (free p&p) i couldn't complain :)
I really love eBay at the moment they have some of the nicest vintage jewellery ever which i cant keep my eyes off! You should really check it out!
Have you had any amazing eBay bargains? let me know :)
hope you're having a lazy Sunday like me and for everyone who's at LONDON FASHION WEEK, I'm soooo jealous of you right now!
love Caits xx

Friday, 14 September 2012

Instagram #1

teen vogue magazine to read and a bar of the brand new cadburys crunch- its so nice! / attempted ombre nails, orange coral and pink; think i need more practice
yayyy my jack wills autumn hand book arrived, so many lovely things i want inside! / cutting out pictures for my moodboard in textiles course work!

my and my mum at the wedding, enjoyed it so much :) / my new shoes which i love!

me with a glass of bucks fizz at the wedding, i loved it! / of course a piccy of Tom daley as im obsessed!

This is my very first instagram post so i hope you like it :-) leave me your instagram usernames if you like, mines; username  _caitzzz 
love caits xx

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Boohoo £50 challenge!

 Yayyyyy fashion vouchers are holding another competition to style on outfit for £50 or less on I was so excited when i found out! I love all the online fashion website competitions! I could spend hours putting together outfits i love and then wanting to buy them so much but not having the money :(
When it comes to online shopping i must say i do love Boohoo! They have such a wide range of clothing and when it comes to find an outfit for an occasion you can always find something you fall in love with!
Now for the £5o challenge...
Heres my entry.. hope you like it! I found is so so hard to keep within the budget of only £50!
I love these skater dresses which are so high on trend atm, the style of them is just amazing and at only £15 what a bargain! I also love denim shirts right now but still dont own one? what is going on caitlin? Anyway i thought i could wear this cute one undone over the top of the dress to give it a more casual look :-) I found this gorgeous little gold necklace for only £10 and though it would finish my outfit off nicely!
Unfortunalty i kind of ran out of money for the shoes, hmm! Never mind i could just wear this outfit in erm the house? yes thats a good idea! Or ill just wear some shoes i already have :-) I think it would look cute with some little ankle boots, or like converse or vans!
What do you think to my outfit? Hope everyone likes it and i really hope fashion vouchers do as i would love to win my outfit tehe!
Lots of love Caits xx

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Shopping, the best think to cure a bad mood

 Shoes- Newlook
Lace crop top- Topshop
 Lace crop top- Topshop
 Tie dye effect leggin'- Topshop
 Black skater skirt- Internationale
Folders- WHSmiths
So sadly im back at school now which means lots of hard work as its my final year of gcse's :( my first day back i can say was erm, dreadful! I was sat with my head of year ALL day because of the purple in my hair (apparently its not acceptable) so now its pretty much gone :(
Anyway to make my happier my dad took my shopping for some new clothes which i love! The shoes which were in my last post were a bargain at only £17.99! yayyy! The black skater skirt was only a tenner too; are they're so in trend recently i just had to buy it!
I also love my new leggin's, i love the tie dye effect on them and they look great on! Be watching ouit to see some outfit posts with these in soon and they was only £22 which i can afford atm as iv been saving up! The crop top i though would be pefrect for a wedding party iv been to this weekend as the colour green is my favourite colour ever to wear in clothes, blonde and dark green=perfection!
The folders are just for my textiles and PE work at school as my PE one is battered from last year and i needed a new textiles folder to put all my notes in this year for the exam! (wish me luck)
Hope you all had a better first day back at school than me! Hope you like my purchases, what do you think? :-)
love caits xx

Thursday, 6 September 2012

shoes are essentials, every girl needs a pair

Hiya guyss! I have a wedding tomorrow ekkk i can't wait, so iv had to do some last minute shopping with my dad as i had nothing to wear- and yes i mean nothing suitable for a wedding :( I picked up a few other bits too, which i will show you in a different post but first; EMBRACE MY BRAND NEW 'IM IN LOVE WITH' SHOES...

                                       (New look)                               
How lovely is the colour? How gorgeous is the style and mainly how wonderful was the price tag? £17.99.. i repeat £17.99!
I've had my eye on these shoes for quite a while now and the very first time i saw them was in my blog post for the #newlookholidayshop competition which you can see here. After i tried them on in the shop i fell in love with them but for some reason didn't buy them.. maybe because i have bought waaaaay to much recently! But i just couldn't resist not buying them and thought they would be great for the wedding  so here they are.. and they had a tenner off the day i got them too! BARGAIN!
So i may need to practise walking in them before tomorrow but other than that everything else is fine!

Hope you've all enjoyed your first day back at school/college or what ever you are doing now :-)
love Caits x

Sunday, 2 September 2012

a bit of tye die won't hurt

Top- DIY
Shorts- Levi's old cut offs
Shoes- Converse
Cross Necklace- Holiday a few years ago
Its finally brightened up today so i though I'd whack on a pair of shorts as summer is nearly over :( i love summer clothes the most; all the crop tops, bralets, shorts, skirts and everything else!
The top is DIY which i made my self (and its sooo easy) so i was thinking of doing a post on how to do this if anyone is interested? I also have a pink tye die top too which i will show you! I know the whole tye die thing has gone slightly main stream but when doing it your self no one Else's is the same and that's why i like it so much! I also added some studs around the neck line and rolled up the sleeves to give it some edge!
have you been enjoying the sun today? what do you think?
Caits xx