Sunday, 30 September 2012

Denim, Karki&Burgundy

If you haven't been able to tell already these are my 3 most absolute favourite colours this season! I fell in love with the colour 'karki green' along time ago and now topshop is full of it! Yayyyy! I LOVE the 2 jackets and when i tried them both on in topshop i seriously could not decide which one i like the most. The leather sleeved one looks gorgeous on but then i love that on the all karki one you can roll up the sleeves and i love the collar it has too. Which one do you prefer?
The green puplum is also a favourite of mine from topshop yet when ever i go in they never seem to have my size *sad face*
The green shirt is just amazing. And even better they do it in petite so i may as well just buy it, it was practically made for me! I love the material its made in and the studs around the collar are adorable. It also has a baggy effect which i love at the moment; Print/textured leggins and a baggy tee/shirt OMG JUST SO AMAZING!
The hair band is like for a snowy day where you're chillin in your sweatpants and hoodie, hair up in a messy bun and then this cute little headband which i love! The colours and patterns of it are so winter'y and would look really nice with my blonde hair i think :)
The dress is basically just a dress. Its only £20 though so why not? I really love the colour and you can dress it up or down depending on where you're off out to so i think this would be a good all round piece in my wardrobe.
Finally the denim shirt! I adore the sleeves and think this is why i chose this shirt out from the rest! The lighter colours like cream and blue go lovely with the karki green colour i think so of course i would HAVE to buy them both as its like an outfit all in 1! In fact i think i may as well just buy this whole wish list, its all perfect for winter and i love everything on it. Hopefully some money just appears in my purse, or we win the lottery, or topshop just very kindly give them to me for being such a great customer anyway tehehe!
Do you like my items as much as me?
love Caits


  1. aww loving the wish list! ADORE the denim shirt and you can always add studs to the collar and i would alot opt the leather sleeves because its a bit different! and the winter is freezing so you wont be neeing to roll up the sleeves! haha

    Although you could get the ALL karki and then buy a different leather jacket..! ive been meaning to visit some leather boutiques in London shoreditch! I hear thats the only place i should go for a decent leather jacket!!

    Love the post,

    1. Thanks so much for the lovely comment :) To stud the denim shirt is a great idea, and yes think i may have to go for the leather sleeves one, a bit querqy like me!

      I have the studed leather jacket from topshop which i really love so you could try there :)
      thanks again xxx

  2. lovely picks!

    X Jenny

  3. Loving everything khaki for winter! Lush coat xx