Sunday, 2 September 2012

a bit of tye die won't hurt

Top- DIY
Shorts- Levi's old cut offs
Shoes- Converse
Cross Necklace- Holiday a few years ago
Its finally brightened up today so i though I'd whack on a pair of shorts as summer is nearly over :( i love summer clothes the most; all the crop tops, bralets, shorts, skirts and everything else!
The top is DIY which i made my self (and its sooo easy) so i was thinking of doing a post on how to do this if anyone is interested? I also have a pink tye die top too which i will show you! I know the whole tye die thing has gone slightly main stream but when doing it your self no one Else's is the same and that's why i like it so much! I also added some studs around the neck line and rolled up the sleeves to give it some edge!
have you been enjoying the sun today? what do you think?
Caits xx 


  1. Gorgeous outfit, i adore your hair! x

  2. I love the top, you should definitely do a post on how you did it! :)
    Gem x

    1. thanks and i will do! keep on the look out for when its posted :-) x

  3. Love your blog !! I looked at so many posts but just decided to comment on this one. Newest follower. xx

    1. aww thankyou :-) thanks for following and i love your blog too! xx

  4. omg your hair, looks amazing! cannot believe you're so young, you look very cool! :)