Sunday, 23 September 2012

topshop tee's

So sorry i havent blogged in a whole week! Iv been really busy with school and training so iv not had the time :(
Last night i went out for tea to nando's for my friends 16th birthday! I seriously cant believe shes 16 hahaha! Feels not long ago we was even in year 7!
So of course we all know when you're out for a birthday you HAVE to go shopping before, i mean its a must to buy at least a new top so me and chloe trotted off to town for a shop in topshop and we litrally tried every single top on in the shop! I'm like totally obsessed with all there cute little tee's atm so in the end i decided to buy this cute little top for £18!(and my student discount of course)!
For the evening i paired it with a black skater skirt from internationale(£10) a patterned belt, some frilly socks and boots from primark and my lovely little 'c' scrabble necklace of ebay!
My friend chloe also bought one of the tee's from topshop and this is what she wore..
I love her denim skater skirt its so cute! Her top was also £18 from topshop and i love it too, when we next go shopping were thinking on buying ther whole collection of tee's hahaha!
Have you been up to anything exciting this weekend? What do you think of the outfits? :)
love Caits x x


  1. Just found your blog now, it's so lovely! Following! :)
    I really like both yours and your friends outfits, your both so cute! :) x

    1. so glad you like it :) thanks for following too!xx

  2. Just found your blog through #bbloggers and absolutley love it! It's so cute and stylish! Now your latest follower :)


    1. thanks so much for check me out and following, enjoy my posts :)xx