Thursday, 6 September 2012

shoes are essentials, every girl needs a pair

Hiya guyss! I have a wedding tomorrow ekkk i can't wait, so iv had to do some last minute shopping with my dad as i had nothing to wear- and yes i mean nothing suitable for a wedding :( I picked up a few other bits too, which i will show you in a different post but first; EMBRACE MY BRAND NEW 'IM IN LOVE WITH' SHOES...

                                       (New look)                               
How lovely is the colour? How gorgeous is the style and mainly how wonderful was the price tag? £17.99.. i repeat £17.99!
I've had my eye on these shoes for quite a while now and the very first time i saw them was in my blog post for the #newlookholidayshop competition which you can see here. After i tried them on in the shop i fell in love with them but for some reason didn't buy them.. maybe because i have bought waaaaay to much recently! But i just couldn't resist not buying them and thought they would be great for the wedding  so here they are.. and they had a tenner off the day i got them too! BARGAIN!
So i may need to practise walking in them before tomorrow but other than that everything else is fine!

Hope you've all enjoyed your first day back at school/college or what ever you are doing now :-)
love Caits x


  1. Cute Shoes! I love the heel style and the colour is gorgeous! @getthriftycouk

  2. Wow, I love these shoes!! :D I am a new follower of yours :) xx

    1. ps i have tagged you in an award :D

    2. thankss! :D il check it out now! thanks for following me tooo:) xxx

  3. Love these shoes so much, really good price too! Lovely blog :) x