Saturday, 16 January 2016

A new styling blog!!

Hi guys!!!
Just wanted to let all my followers know that I have moved my blog over to HERE and would really love it if you could all re follow me. I'm now a fashion styling student and living in manchester so this blog is a little different, it will still include OOTD posts as well as my styling shoots & cool inspo pics.
I would love if you could check it out and leave your links on my new blog so that I can follow you all back again!!

Caitlin xxx

Saturday, 14 September 2013

over over sized

I know, the cold weather has finally arrived and I'm already having withdrawal symptoms from the hot weather, any one fancy coming on a hot holiday with me? Like soon..
Top: Zara(sale) // Leggings: H&M // Hat: Topman // Boots: Matalan // Bag:iOffer 
It seemed a bit of a coincidence that on Monday morning as soon as everyone was back at work/college the weather was cold, miserable and wet. And that's why my blog took a little break as I was adjusting to the cold weather and extremely early morning's which my body's not quite used to yet. but finally its the weekend and my outfit post is up!! 
I got this top in Zara a while back for a fiver, and although they didn't have my size I bought it anyway because I knew I would wear it one day. Its a size medium (I'm normally a XS) and there's over sized.. and then OVER SIZED but actually I didn't think it looked to bad with this outfit. I also wore this top to V fest, yano I though all the bright aztec colours would be fab for a festival so I did some weird tie a bobble in the back and tuck it up the back of my bra to make it into a crop top sort of thing and me being all spontaneous and everything it actually looked pretty good. ( I think). I think you all know I'm obsessed with shopping so when I wasn't even planning on buying this hat my will power wasn't helping me out. I just kind of saw it and bought it as I decided that instant I needed a hat for winter and so far I've worn it twice hahaha!! One last thing I've been at college all week and not don a single bit of online shopping- be proud of me people. 

Thursday, 5 September 2013

All black&& AW13 fashion talk.

A very casual outfit today, black, denim and biker boots. My biker boots which I am so totally in love with- RI you have done me proud. And of course my 'fake' celine bag which I'm still obsessing over even though I'd had it for like a month now..
 Top: H&M / Shirt: Hollister(similar here) / Jeans: Topshop / Boots: River Island / Bag: iOffer 
I'm sort of having a 'black' stage at the minute; I love everything black!! My inner NYC is definitely coming out at the minute. This outfit took me about 2 seconds to put on as I was in a rush and I actually really liked it! I just LOVE this whole shirt round your waist and biker boots thing that's popped into my style recently. I don't know how it happened but I really love it and I feel 10 times more my self when wearing it so yeah its staying for the new season whether its in or not ha ha! 
Although I must say I am loving the tartan for new season, I really really want a tartan shirt to add to my wardrobe, not sure which one yet but I'm sure one will be added to my shopping bag very soon. Black, white, denim & col bolt blue are my colours for new season though, I love every single one! I'm hoping H&M bring out a col bolt blue tank top for new season because for 2.99£ I can't really complain, H&M is my bargain shop this season- I've bough so many of their basic tee's for no more than a fiver and I wear them all the time! So yeah I think I'm ready for new season.. let the cold days begin :(

Sunday, 1 September 2013

my london trip.

 The red boots: the red telephone box
 Somerset House
 Matching red
 Loved this wall so much-full of vintage things
waaaaay London haha (me&my dad.)
 another pic of my OOTD.
 Rock of Ages set!! (a bit blurry :((
 Pancake breakfast at Balthazar
 Just pouring a good old British tea- excuse the morbid face.
So yeah I had a lovely time in London for the bank holiday weekend!! We traveled down on Sunday to see some family then went to Central London for Monday&Tuesday! The weather on Monday was gorgeous hence the shorts, Cami top and RED BOOTS! I kinda bought these especially for London as I was planning on wearing an all black outfit with bright red boots and that's what I did! I love the red Celine bag and Red Chloe boots and think they look gorgeous with all black so for £13.99 I got a pair of these fab boots from eBay, yep bargain. (Still wanting a red Celine bag). We went to somerset house for coffee and cake and to sit in the early morning sun on Monday, then to covent garden for a bit of shopping (the beautiful Micheal Kors bag which I didn't buy) and then to Camden for lots more shopping. Camden is literally my favourite place ever in London!! Me & my mum were literally dying to see Mamma Mia at the theater but because my dad and brother literally despise it we went to see Rock of ages instead, and lets just say Mamma Mia would have been 100 times better!! The next day we have a lovely breakfast in covent garden and then some window shopping on oxford street before heading home! It's still safe to say London is my favourite place ever!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

off the shoulder

I actually stole this cardigan of my mum, I went for the ' not really caring ' look and thought this cardi would look good slouched off one shoulder as its slightly over sized, yep I like it. 
 Shorts: Topshop / Cardigan: Next / Cami: Topshop / Bag: iOffer / Boots: River Island 
Yes, these shorts are new. And they really shouldn't be new as I have no money and I'm trying to save for a car (ha ha never going to happen) but somehow they ended up in my bag at Topshop for £32! I mean why would I even spend £32 on a pair of denim shorts when we are going into winter practically and I already have a pair. But my others are getting old and shape less cause they've been washed so many times so that's my excuse - I really really really needed a new pair.
I went down to London for the bank holiday weekend; well Sunday- Tuesday actually and this was my travel down/dinner with the family look! We had steak, chicken, sausages and salmon all of the BBQ- my favourite! This is probably one of my more simple outfits as there is not really much to it but I kinda like it - deffo 100 times more with my new boots! Oh did I just say new again- yep a car is not coming my way any time soon!!! 
I've fallen in love with 'biker boots' if that's what you would call them, yano the black ankle boots with all the buckles and zips; yeah those I LOVE THEM! I think they make any outfit 10 times better and are definitely my favourite thing for the new season!!
One last thing, I finally made my own tumblr and would love it if you could follow me or take a look at my page SEVEN HILLS STYLE !! Thank you so much!!