Sunday, 1 September 2013

my london trip.

 The red boots: the red telephone box
 Somerset House
 Matching red
 Loved this wall so much-full of vintage things
waaaaay London haha (me&my dad.)
 another pic of my OOTD.
 Rock of Ages set!! (a bit blurry :((
 Pancake breakfast at Balthazar
 Just pouring a good old British tea- excuse the morbid face.
So yeah I had a lovely time in London for the bank holiday weekend!! We traveled down on Sunday to see some family then went to Central London for Monday&Tuesday! The weather on Monday was gorgeous hence the shorts, Cami top and RED BOOTS! I kinda bought these especially for London as I was planning on wearing an all black outfit with bright red boots and that's what I did! I love the red Celine bag and Red Chloe boots and think they look gorgeous with all black so for £13.99 I got a pair of these fab boots from eBay, yep bargain. (Still wanting a red Celine bag). We went to somerset house for coffee and cake and to sit in the early morning sun on Monday, then to covent garden for a bit of shopping (the beautiful Micheal Kors bag which I didn't buy) and then to Camden for lots more shopping. Camden is literally my favourite place ever in London!! Me & my mum were literally dying to see Mamma Mia at the theater but because my dad and brother literally despise it we went to see Rock of ages instead, and lets just say Mamma Mia would have been 100 times better!! The next day we have a lovely breakfast in covent garden and then some window shopping on oxford street before heading home! It's still safe to say London is my favourite place ever!

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  1. Looks like you had a nice time in London! I can't wait to come down to London again, should be down in November. I've not been to Camden yet but really want to go