Tuesday, 31 July 2012

More clothes Caitlin? Yes! Weekly Wishlist :)

WHY I'm i so obsessed with Internet shopping? Seriously if I'm on the Internet i always end up on topsop/zara/inlovewithfashion and Ebay.. did you know there is so many bargains on ebay? I'm watching about 8 different things and yesterday i brought a cute little double cross ring for 99p.. wooo couldn't be any happier!

First of all i have taken a real love to denim shirts! There so easy to match things with and if its a bit chilly you can pop in on over your outfit.. perfect! This one is from Urban Outfitters and i love the little collar tips!
I'm really into the baggy over sized tee's atm and  this one defiantly fits in with the theme of 'London 2012 Olympics (which I'm totally obsessed with)Its from Topshop and id buy this in a size 10 or 12 to wear baggy!
I love the tribal belt(Asos) and the Rucksack(Accessorize) i love these kind of prints and if wearing a very basic outfit look great!
Iv been wanting a leather jacket for agesssssss! The cheapest one i could find is at Miss Selfridge for £52 and petite too, yay! The hem dipped skirt is also from Miss Selfridge which i love and I found these lovely disco pants from Ark!
So i best get saving then as i now have loads on my wish lists! What do you think of my items and whats on your list for this erm well summer?
love Caits x x

Oh P.S I'm selling a few of my old clothes on Ebay if you would like any of them.. they only have a few hours left so get bidding :) the link is http://my.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?MyEbay&gbh=1&CurrentPage=MyeBayAllSelling&ssPageName=STRK:ME:LNLK:MESX 

Friday, 27 July 2012

Get the Blake Lively look...

So Immediate Public Relations are holding a fab competition for us bloggers to think like an icon and re-create the celebrity silhouette of our choice using the new Silhouette Color Brilliance collection. The semi finalist bloggers each got sent through Mousse, Hairspray and Extreme Gloss Spray to create there look!
For my entry i have chosen to do 'Blake Lively' i love her hair so much! It always looks amazing and every little hair is always in place and the length and colour and nearly like mine! (Gosh she is so pretty right?)

This is the hair style i have chosen to replicate! Since the sun is out shining here in the UK why not go for the beach curls and cute little plaits look? I love it! Here's how to Get the look..
There's are the 3 products you will need, mousse, hairspray and  Extreme gloss spray.

1. On freshly washed hair squirt small amounts of mousse onto your hands and like squash your hair upwards and twist it into curls as doing so to get ruffles in yours hair.
2. Your hair should look like this when done

3. Take two small section on your hair from one side and plait all the was down to the bottom.
4. Using a tiny amount of mousse rub this on the ends on the plaits so they don't come undone and to save using elastic bands or hair bobbles. Then do 1 plait on the other side too.

5. On the top of your hair to get the silky look use the Extreme gloss spray which gives a lovely look to your hair.
6. Finish with a very small amount of hair spray to keep your look in place.

7. This is what my hair looks like after i have finished the Blake Lively look, very summery and cute ruffles.
8. If you want you can place two grips either side of your hair to hold back hair from your face, i normally wear my hair like this.

9. This is a side view of my hair, i love the little plaits they make it look so summery.
10. A quick snap of me ready to go out with my new Blake Lively Hair style.

So there it it.. the Blake Lively look (using no heat to woooo) Hope you like it and are all enjoying the sun just like i am :-)
Thanks to Immediate Public Relations for holding this great competition and hope you like my post! What do all you #fbloggers & #bbloggers think? Would you replicate the Blake Lively look just like i have? :-)

love Caits x x

Ps.. i hope you're all stupidly excited for the Olympic opening ceremony just like i am.. enjoy!! :))

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The sunshine is here!; OOTD

Bralet- Topshop
Shorts- Next (From one of my friends)
Necklace- Ebay
Bracelet- Pandora
Ring- Holiday
Sandals- Barrets

As the weather is soooooo lovely i have my lovely summery shorts on from holly and a cute little denim bralet to match :) the weather has been so lovely today so its defiantly time for the summer clothes to come out! I love my gladiator sandals but i have had them like 3 years and the straps are breaking off *sad face*
Are all you enjoying the sun? Is your summer closet fully stocked? :)
love Caits x x

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Clothes&Shoes i need in my life :-)

Dark red fringe boat shoes- River island £30 here
Studded leather bralet- Ark, Hearts&Bows  £24.99 here
Cream high waisted skirt- American Apparel £30 here
Blue velvet leggins- Asos £22.50 here
Purse- Ted baker £69 here

I was shopping in town a few days and spotted these gorgeous shoes in RI, i try ed them on and fell in love, sadly there £30 and i know this may not sound much to you but I'm  only 15 and £30 is my monthly allowance :( I love this studded bralet from ark, i have an obsession with anything studded lately and i love how its leather, I think the cream skirt would go perfectly with it and make a great outfit! I don't know if you do but i really do love velvet leggings! there so much better than just plain ones and i love different textures in outfits, and last a Ted Baker purse... one day i will purchase one of these beauties! i love them!

Hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine as finally the sun came out today in england woopie!
Whats on your 'need list' right now? :)
love Caits x x

Friday, 20 July 2012

Head Chain- Celliana Jewellery

Hello to all you fashion lovers out there :)
I'm so excited to do this this post today! Celliana are realising two brand new head chains on their website today which are both so gorgeous, as i have had a sneak preview! I was lucky enough to be chosen to do a blog post about one of the head chains which i adore!
Head chains are getting bigger and bigger in fashion trends and more high street stores are starting to sell them so id grab one quick as they can complement any outfit and qwerk up your style :)
My two beautiful friends chloe and holly have kindly let me take some snaps with them wearing the head chain and i must say it looks fab!

This is Chloe with the head chain in and OMG how good does it suit her? The colour of the head chain really complements her hair colour and the cross dangling from the front looks fab with her rock chick style! It has made her outfit stand out so more and i love that its a very basic accessory to use but can be so effective!

This is Holly with the head chain on! I think the colour of her hair makes the chain stand out so well! Holly wore a very basic outfit for the photos, shorts, tights and a cute 'todays outfit' top! I think the head chain made her outfit look higher class i loved it on her!

If your wondering about how to wear your own head chain i think they look fab on holiday with beach ruffled hair, or on a nice evening out with a LBD!
The two gorgeous head chains have been realised TODAY and can be found here and here.
Since finding out about 'Celliana Jewellery' i have totally fallen in love with it! It so unique and qwerky and makes you stand out from the rest!
A big thanks to Celliana for sending me the beautiful head chain and i hope you enjoyed my post :)
do you like the head chain trend? would you wear one? be sure to check out their website too!
love Caits x x

Sunday, 15 July 2012

OOTD- River Island Sale Jeans, BARGAIN :-)

OMG how gorgeoussssss are these jeans?! when i saw them hanging up on the 'size 6' rack i straight away fell in love and grabbed them before anyone else could! Then i turned over the price tag and omg £15?! £15 woooo and straight off to the changing rooms i skipped.

They fitted perfect! They was the perfect size around the waist too which i was soooo happy about! I then noticed a small mark on the back of them, it was just like a small brown'ish line under the bum but oh well it would wash out easily and NO one and i mean NO one was having my pair of jeans!
I had a quick look round the rest of the sale but as I'm on a really tight budget with friends birthdays and everything this month i steered my self away to the till, and this is not the end of my story..

I queered the lady asking if they had any others with out the mark but she said we only have whats out... but i can take some money off for you, money off?! there only £15 anyway reduced from £40 but of course i said that would be great! So I'm thinking £1 maybe £2 off but noooooo, she took a fiver off which meant i only paid a tenner! I have never been so happy in my life.. a tenner for a beautiful pair of jeans.. wahoo! :D
That night i wore them out to a restaurant of eccy road with my mum and dad (aw so sweet), i paired them with some nude heels (WHICH MAKE YOUR LEGS LOOK LONGER BTW) a grey baggy top from topshop, and my lovely new 'peace necklace' from Daisy Does Jewelry UK,my tribal ring from Accessorize and my cream ted baker bag which I'm in love with.. Heres how it looked :)

I don't normally wear my hair up but as id been shopping all day and only had a quick turn around before we went out i decided to keep it up.. my makeup also has mostly come off as i have a benefit makeover that morning and it was now about 7o'clock... but ohh well i still had a fab tea that evening :-)
so girlies what do you think of my sale bargain? :-) also.. i changed my banner at the top of my page so i hope you all like it :)
love Caits x x

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Blue ombre nails, my first attempt :-)

I'm guessing you have all seen the new 'ombre' nail style.. well i love it and though I'd try it my self.. here's what i did (with no experience)  :-)

 Its pretty easy to do if you just follow the photos.. be aware you will bet nail polish on your hands from the sponge though :( .. and i know there not the neatest looking nails but I'm going to try them at the weekend again in pinky colours so i will do a post on that :)
thanks for reading :)
and also that's to everyone who has viewed and read my blog posts! I'm now into my 3rd month of blogging and i love it soooooo much :)
love caits x x

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

DIY- STUDS! Need your help girlies :-)

Hey guys :-)
So can you remember ages ago my very first blog post on how i studded my denim jacket? Well last week i decided to sit for hours picking out all the studs again and changing them!
They used to be on the shoulder/chest part and the collar and my hair would always cover them up so they didn't stand out :(

This is what it used to look like.. the day i took the photo i had my hair up but the collar still covered the top of the studs and it really bugged me!

I was in Zara and they have in this lovely little leather waistcoats with studs going around the collar, it was this that gave my inspiration to change them to look like this.. so here's what i did..

This is the Jacket in full! Its only a cheap one from primark but i think putting these studs on makes it look a whole lot better and stand out from the rest!

Theres a close up of the collar and what it looks like on! Its much more simple and i prefer it this way but what do you guys think? Do you prefer studs number 1 or studs number 2?
Comment on your favourite id be really happy to know :-)

If you want to know where to buy studs and how to use them to customise your clothes with them you can also take a look at my first studs post here! It has everything you need to know on! Thanks for reading girlies,

love Caits x x

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Festival Look- £100 Asos Blogger Challenge

Challenge.. did you say challenge, to do with shopping as well? yep I'm in!
So Asos have set a challenge for you to create an outfit using only £100. Easy i thought but it seems not! After creating at least 10 different outfits then adding them up and coming to over £100 i decided i needed to hunt for the bargains! I finally came up with this hot festival outfit look which i love!

Daisy Headband- £4, Floral Rucksack- £17.50(sale), Tribal feather crop vest-£10.50(sale), Hunter Wellies- £30, Friendship bracelets-£1.50 each(sale, Levi patterned shorts- £27.50(sale) Coming to a total of £92.50 if iv done my maths right :)

I was really pleased with this outfit, i love the shorts and the detail on the pockets makes them look 100x better! I chose a tribal crop top to fit in with the theme of festivals and a white daisy headband to match! I love the rucksack and these are top on trend at the moment so its defiantly a bargain! The friendship bracelets just add colour and festive theme to the outfit and you cant go wrong with a fab pair of these hunter wellies for just £30! Bargain and all under £100!

There is so many items on the Asos website from huge winter coats right down to that tiny pair of earrings so to find 1 single outfit was really quite difficult; but anyway what do you fashion bloggers think of my outfit? would you wear it? and that's again to the discount coder blog for holding this fab competition! :)
     love caits x

Monday, 2 July 2012

Weekly Wants!

The amount of clothes i want now is endless! I was free all thursday so of course all i did was shop online(my obsession, anyone else?) .. i ended up buying a great playsuit which i will post about as soon as it arrives! I found sooo many other clothes/shoes/accessories i want too but these for my top 6!

1. Shoes, Ark- £34.99. I have been wanting some of these for ages now! I love everything about them.. the style, the look and the whole wooden heel lace up boot thing! These shoes are very versatile as well and you can match them with pretty much anything as there black!

2. Necklace, Daisy Does UK Jewelry- £8. I LOVE THIS NECKLACE SO MUCH! The whole 'peace' look is the trend at the moment and i think its great! I love the detail on the necklace and the different colours flowers! Daisy really does do the best jewlery!

3. Hem Dip Dress, inlovewithfashion-£48. I'd seen this dress online a few days ago and after seeing it on 'fashion-train's' blog i have now totally fallen in love with it! The colour is gorgeous and it would be worn in the sun and rain depending on what you pair it with.. top buy!

4. Skirt, ASOS- £17.60. I'v been wanting a skirt like this for a while now, there so simple and look so elegant on anyone with a nice pair on shoes! The hem dipped style is so in at the moment and its so easy to wear with anything.

5. Top, Topshop- £22. Its the 'cross' trend again! I love tops like this, i love the grungy style so this is defiently me! The small rips over the cross are great detail and make it look more attractive!

6. Shorts, Miss Guided- £20.99. These shorts are so festival! The studs, dip dye, and vintage look all in one! what could possible be better? I really do love these shorts and there so easy to wear.. with a baggy top, slouchy shoes and some tribal jewlery and your good to go!

If you want any of the links to these items let me know in a comment below! Have you got a wish list this week? would you buy any of these items? let me know!

(Also when my blog goes onto the GFC dashboard a picture doesn't seem to come up next to it, could anybody help me change this:(?)
love Caits x

Sunday, 1 July 2012

My new E.L.F products.

I was scrolling down twitter and found someone who had orded a product off 'E.L.F'. what is this website? So as you do i clicked on the link and found make up heaven.. everything from makeup to tools to nails, i was in love, and at really cheap prices too! See i normally buy Benefit makeup but its sooo expensive and i really do hate parting with my money!
       So for a while i had a browse on this website and found hundreds of products i would like to buy for less that a fiver.
IN the end i decided on these...

Eye brow stencil kit - £1.50
Eye lash and brow wand- £1.50
Eye Brow kit- £3.75
Therapeutic Conditioning Lip Barm - £1.50


These are the eye brow stencils.. There are 4 different ones so you can choose which one is best fitted to your eye brow! there really easy to use to and i love them! I use the top right one and all you do it place it in line with your eye brow and then colour it in! The outcome is really good as its so much more even than when you do it your self :)

This is the eye brow kit and brush. Basically  you put the lighter powder on first and the n the wax over the top.. then using the brush smooth them out and the finished result is great! I really recomend all these products and at such cheap prices too! Tell me what you think :)
love Caits x