Friday, 27 July 2012

Get the Blake Lively look...

So Immediate Public Relations are holding a fab competition for us bloggers to think like an icon and re-create the celebrity silhouette of our choice using the new Silhouette Color Brilliance collection. The semi finalist bloggers each got sent through Mousse, Hairspray and Extreme Gloss Spray to create there look!
For my entry i have chosen to do 'Blake Lively' i love her hair so much! It always looks amazing and every little hair is always in place and the length and colour and nearly like mine! (Gosh she is so pretty right?)

This is the hair style i have chosen to replicate! Since the sun is out shining here in the UK why not go for the beach curls and cute little plaits look? I love it! Here's how to Get the look..
There's are the 3 products you will need, mousse, hairspray and  Extreme gloss spray.

1. On freshly washed hair squirt small amounts of mousse onto your hands and like squash your hair upwards and twist it into curls as doing so to get ruffles in yours hair.
2. Your hair should look like this when done

3. Take two small section on your hair from one side and plait all the was down to the bottom.
4. Using a tiny amount of mousse rub this on the ends on the plaits so they don't come undone and to save using elastic bands or hair bobbles. Then do 1 plait on the other side too.

5. On the top of your hair to get the silky look use the Extreme gloss spray which gives a lovely look to your hair.
6. Finish with a very small amount of hair spray to keep your look in place.

7. This is what my hair looks like after i have finished the Blake Lively look, very summery and cute ruffles.
8. If you want you can place two grips either side of your hair to hold back hair from your face, i normally wear my hair like this.

9. This is a side view of my hair, i love the little plaits they make it look so summery.
10. A quick snap of me ready to go out with my new Blake Lively Hair style.

So there it it.. the Blake Lively look (using no heat to woooo) Hope you like it and are all enjoying the sun just like i am :-)
Thanks to Immediate Public Relations for holding this great competition and hope you like my post! What do all you #fbloggers & #bbloggers think? Would you replicate the Blake Lively look just like i have? :-)

love Caits x x

Ps.. i hope you're all stupidly excited for the Olympic opening ceremony just like i am.. enjoy!! :))


  1. your hair looks so great like that! xx

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  2. Absolutely love this look - very California chic!! xx

  3. Thanks for the comments! You should both try this look :-) xx

  4. I'm so jealous of your hair it's gorgeous! It looks lovely like this :)

    1. Aw thanks, it's not in the morning trust me! :( xx

  5. I love your blog and now i'm a follower now! do you want to follow me back?