Tuesday, 31 July 2012

More clothes Caitlin? Yes! Weekly Wishlist :)

WHY I'm i so obsessed with Internet shopping? Seriously if I'm on the Internet i always end up on topsop/zara/inlovewithfashion and Ebay.. did you know there is so many bargains on ebay? I'm watching about 8 different things and yesterday i brought a cute little double cross ring for 99p.. wooo couldn't be any happier!

First of all i have taken a real love to denim shirts! There so easy to match things with and if its a bit chilly you can pop in on over your outfit.. perfect! This one is from Urban Outfitters and i love the little collar tips!
I'm really into the baggy over sized tee's atm and  this one defiantly fits in with the theme of 'London 2012 Olympics (which I'm totally obsessed with)Its from Topshop and id buy this in a size 10 or 12 to wear baggy!
I love the tribal belt(Asos) and the Rucksack(Accessorize) i love these kind of prints and if wearing a very basic outfit look great!
Iv been wanting a leather jacket for agesssssss! The cheapest one i could find is at Miss Selfridge for £52 and petite too, yay! The hem dipped skirt is also from Miss Selfridge which i love and I found these lovely disco pants from Ark!
So i best get saving then as i now have loads on my wish lists! What do you think of my items and whats on your list for this erm well summer?
love Caits x x

Oh P.S I'm selling a few of my old clothes on Ebay if you would like any of them.. they only have a few hours left so get bidding :) the link is http://my.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?MyEbay&gbh=1&CurrentPage=MyeBayAllSelling&ssPageName=STRK:ME:LNLK:MESX 

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  1. Cute wish list, i love the denim shirt and london top xx