Friday, 20 July 2012

Head Chain- Celliana Jewellery

Hello to all you fashion lovers out there :)
I'm so excited to do this this post today! Celliana are realising two brand new head chains on their website today which are both so gorgeous, as i have had a sneak preview! I was lucky enough to be chosen to do a blog post about one of the head chains which i adore!
Head chains are getting bigger and bigger in fashion trends and more high street stores are starting to sell them so id grab one quick as they can complement any outfit and qwerk up your style :)
My two beautiful friends chloe and holly have kindly let me take some snaps with them wearing the head chain and i must say it looks fab!

This is Chloe with the head chain in and OMG how good does it suit her? The colour of the head chain really complements her hair colour and the cross dangling from the front looks fab with her rock chick style! It has made her outfit stand out so more and i love that its a very basic accessory to use but can be so effective!

This is Holly with the head chain on! I think the colour of her hair makes the chain stand out so well! Holly wore a very basic outfit for the photos, shorts, tights and a cute 'todays outfit' top! I think the head chain made her outfit look higher class i loved it on her!

If your wondering about how to wear your own head chain i think they look fab on holiday with beach ruffled hair, or on a nice evening out with a LBD!
The two gorgeous head chains have been realised TODAY and can be found here and here.
Since finding out about 'Celliana Jewellery' i have totally fallen in love with it! It so unique and qwerky and makes you stand out from the rest!
A big thanks to Celliana for sending me the beautiful head chain and i hope you enjoyed my post :)
do you like the head chain trend? would you wear one? be sure to check out their website too!
love Caits x x


  1. Aw so cute! I need some head jewelry ;) xx

    1. Thankyou :-) love your blog too, followed :) xx

  2. awww it looks amazing :D
    i must say i think me and holly made the post even better:D
    remember to put chloe helped you in the tiedying of your tops
    love yaaaa xxx