Sunday, 22 July 2012

Clothes&Shoes i need in my life :-)

Dark red fringe boat shoes- River island £30 here
Studded leather bralet- Ark, Hearts&Bows  £24.99 here
Cream high waisted skirt- American Apparel £30 here
Blue velvet leggins- Asos £22.50 here
Purse- Ted baker £69 here

I was shopping in town a few days and spotted these gorgeous shoes in RI, i try ed them on and fell in love, sadly there £30 and i know this may not sound much to you but I'm  only 15 and £30 is my monthly allowance :( I love this studded bralet from ark, i have an obsession with anything studded lately and i love how its leather, I think the cream skirt would go perfectly with it and make a great outfit! I don't know if you do but i really do love velvet leggings! there so much better than just plain ones and i love different textures in outfits, and last a Ted Baker purse... one day i will purchase one of these beauties! i love them!

Hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine as finally the sun came out today in england woopie!
Whats on your 'need list' right now? :)
love Caits x x


  1. Those are a fun twist on boat shoes, I love them. They're like a boat shoe/creeper mix. I also love the color of those velvet leggings. They're a great dark colored alternative to black.

    Ava Tallulah
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    1. Thanks for the comment, your so right! i'll check out your give away now :) xx

  2. lovely skirt!
    hmm.. on my need list.. i think i need a camera!

  3. Oo I love those leggings! You should look on ebay though, I got some black velvet leggings from an ebay store for around £15 including shipping! I'm after the silvery blue ones next <3 Following you now! :)

    Ellen xx

    1. Thanks, ill deffo check eBay out.. Bargain :-) is the fitting of them good on eBay? Like the sizing and stuff? Following you too xx

  4. Love that purse! & the bralet!! xx

  5. I want that studded bralet, so cute!

    Thanks for the follow i'm now following back :)

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