Sunday, 15 July 2012

OOTD- River Island Sale Jeans, BARGAIN :-)

OMG how gorgeoussssss are these jeans?! when i saw them hanging up on the 'size 6' rack i straight away fell in love and grabbed them before anyone else could! Then i turned over the price tag and omg £15?! £15 woooo and straight off to the changing rooms i skipped.

They fitted perfect! They was the perfect size around the waist too which i was soooo happy about! I then noticed a small mark on the back of them, it was just like a small brown'ish line under the bum but oh well it would wash out easily and NO one and i mean NO one was having my pair of jeans!
I had a quick look round the rest of the sale but as I'm on a really tight budget with friends birthdays and everything this month i steered my self away to the till, and this is not the end of my story..

I queered the lady asking if they had any others with out the mark but she said we only have whats out... but i can take some money off for you, money off?! there only £15 anyway reduced from £40 but of course i said that would be great! So I'm thinking £1 maybe £2 off but noooooo, she took a fiver off which meant i only paid a tenner! I have never been so happy in my life.. a tenner for a beautiful pair of jeans.. wahoo! :D
That night i wore them out to a restaurant of eccy road with my mum and dad (aw so sweet), i paired them with some nude heels (WHICH MAKE YOUR LEGS LOOK LONGER BTW) a grey baggy top from topshop, and my lovely new 'peace necklace' from Daisy Does Jewelry UK,my tribal ring from Accessorize and my cream ted baker bag which I'm in love with.. Heres how it looked :)

I don't normally wear my hair up but as id been shopping all day and only had a quick turn around before we went out i decided to keep it up.. my makeup also has mostly come off as i have a benefit makeover that morning and it was now about 7o'clock... but ohh well i still had a fab tea that evening :-)
so girlies what do you think of my sale bargain? :-) also.. i changed my banner at the top of my page so i hope you all like it :)
love Caits x x


  1. Cant beat a nice bargain! Looks so pretty! :) xx

  2. Lovely outfit, you look stunning!

    Emma x

  3. Omg I love those pants & your nails look amazing

    1. Thanks so much :-) my nail post in just below this one if you haven't already read it :-) x x

  4. Love this outfit ! the colours are so spring ! shame we havent had much sun. U look fab x

    Stop by and say hi :D x

  5. wow, what a bargain! your nails look lush with the outfit as well, love it :)

  6. Love this outfit, it looks sooo cute! x