Tuesday, 10 July 2012

DIY- STUDS! Need your help girlies :-)

Hey guys :-)
So can you remember ages ago my very first blog post on how i studded my denim jacket? Well last week i decided to sit for hours picking out all the studs again and changing them!
They used to be on the shoulder/chest part and the collar and my hair would always cover them up so they didn't stand out :(

This is what it used to look like.. the day i took the photo i had my hair up but the collar still covered the top of the studs and it really bugged me!

I was in Zara and they have in this lovely little leather waistcoats with studs going around the collar, it was this that gave my inspiration to change them to look like this.. so here's what i did..

This is the Jacket in full! Its only a cheap one from primark but i think putting these studs on makes it look a whole lot better and stand out from the rest!

Theres a close up of the collar and what it looks like on! Its much more simple and i prefer it this way but what do you guys think? Do you prefer studs number 1 or studs number 2?
Comment on your favourite id be really happy to know :-)

If you want to know where to buy studs and how to use them to customise your clothes with them you can also take a look at my first studs post here! It has everything you need to know on! Thanks for reading girlies,

love Caits x x


  1. Cute! Love your denim jacket both before and after! Really nice post x

  2. Love the denim jacket! Loooks really professional! Proud of you ;)

  3. Number two is my favorite!! This is fantastic - I think i may have to purchase some studs of my own - I have a few items I have been wanting to stud!
    xxx emma


  4. Love love love both of these, studs make my life! This looks super professional, Primark got a makeoverrr! ;)


  5. Thankss! I have some more posts about studs to come so keep your eyes open! :) x x x