Monday, 2 July 2012

Weekly Wants!

The amount of clothes i want now is endless! I was free all thursday so of course all i did was shop online(my obsession, anyone else?) .. i ended up buying a great playsuit which i will post about as soon as it arrives! I found sooo many other clothes/shoes/accessories i want too but these for my top 6!

1. Shoes, Ark- £34.99. I have been wanting some of these for ages now! I love everything about them.. the style, the look and the whole wooden heel lace up boot thing! These shoes are very versatile as well and you can match them with pretty much anything as there black!

2. Necklace, Daisy Does UK Jewelry- £8. I LOVE THIS NECKLACE SO MUCH! The whole 'peace' look is the trend at the moment and i think its great! I love the detail on the necklace and the different colours flowers! Daisy really does do the best jewlery!

3. Hem Dip Dress, inlovewithfashion-£48. I'd seen this dress online a few days ago and after seeing it on 'fashion-train's' blog i have now totally fallen in love with it! The colour is gorgeous and it would be worn in the sun and rain depending on what you pair it with.. top buy!

4. Skirt, ASOS- £17.60. I'v been wanting a skirt like this for a while now, there so simple and look so elegant on anyone with a nice pair on shoes! The hem dipped style is so in at the moment and its so easy to wear with anything.

5. Top, Topshop- £22. Its the 'cross' trend again! I love tops like this, i love the grungy style so this is defiently me! The small rips over the cross are great detail and make it look more attractive!

6. Shorts, Miss Guided- £20.99. These shorts are so festival! The studs, dip dye, and vintage look all in one! what could possible be better? I really do love these shorts and there so easy to wear.. with a baggy top, slouchy shoes and some tribal jewlery and your good to go!

If you want any of the links to these items let me know in a comment below! Have you got a wish list this week? would you buy any of these items? let me know!

(Also when my blog goes onto the GFC dashboard a picture doesn't seem to come up next to it, could anybody help me change this:(?)
love Caits x


  1. Wow love those choices, however as a cash strapped teenager any chance of some budget buys sometimes too? I love fashion but am pretty skint :( xx��

  2. Caitlin...shorts are lovely but how many pairs do you already own??? Mum xxxx

  3. been looking everywhere for a skirt like that! thanks xxx

  4. this wishlist is perfect! my fave item is the cross top from topshop :)

    L x