Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Heyyy guys! I'm down in London until Thursday this week for lots and lots of shopping! Today I've been to Camden lock market which iv been wanting to go to ever since the programme SWITCH started on ITV2, which i am now like totally obsessed with! I also went to the MASSIVE Topshop in Oxford Circus which has 3 whole floors full of clothes.. omg it was like heaven! These are just some photos from Camden..

The streets of Camden are amazing! On each wall above the shop they have these amazing 3D sculptures which i was fascinated by! I also LOOOVEEE my new 'Baker Street' keyring, oh yeah btw my last name is Baker which is why hahaha! The market stalls in Camden lock are so unique and i really love them. There were so many Chinese food stalls giving out free chicken as well which was so yummy! I got this cute little grungy 'Boy London' jumper for £11 off one of the stalls which isnt bad and looks great with my shorts and leather jacket! I also got a Oxford university jumper which i must say makes me look V smart!
We then went to the Restaurant Gilgamesh which was soooooo posh! It was beautifully set out and the food was great, i really recommend it to you all if your ever in Camden! Also in the summer the roofs all open up which is just like omg!
So yeah after today Ive decided I'm deffo buying a flat to live in at Camden, its officially my favourite place in London now! So thats a flat in Camden and a Apartment in Manhatten.. although I'm not to sure after Sandy the hurricane :/ ahh well, will have to think about that :-)
Happy Halloween everyone and hope your all enjoying your holidays!
love Caits x

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

creepy or what..

Yayyy new shoes finally!! I've been in desperate need of a pair of winter shoes and I'd been looking at these on ebay for a while but couldn't decide whether i liked them or not:/ are you a creepers girl?  Anyway i then when shopping on Saturday and saw these in office for £25! not bad in all honestly so i though I'd try them on and in actual fact i really like them, because I'm only a size 3.. yes i know i have small feet, they didn't look overly massive and the sole isn't actually that thick which i like.
So of course after i buy them i'm going to NEED some socks to go with them duhhhh.. and this is where my shopping habit gets worse, so off to topshop i got for some cute black little frilly socks. Ermm well i cant actually remember how much they were like 3 pounds or something but if you want them just look on topshop socks, to be fair though I'm pretty sure most girls will have these anyway as they came out a while ago.
Now i've not actually worn these out yet but going to this fashion conference at Meadowhall tomorrow, not sure what it is yet but i am super excited so look out for an outfit post and some photos :) Also they do actually do these creepers on ebay for around £15 if you want some so I'd recommend you try there first :)
So that's 1 pair of shoes for my A/W shoe collection, I'm still on the hunt for a gorgeous pair of little brown ankle boots if any of you know where they do some? please let me know :)
Ohhhhh 1 last thing, I tried to make my title 'creepy or what' slightly halloweeny to get you in the mooooood! woooo hope you all have your outfits ready!!
love Caits x

Sunday, 21 October 2012


Have you all been watching styled to rock? well let me tell you it was my favourite show EVER! I actually loved ever part of it and of course Heidi was the best contestant ever! Sadly the series have finished now so i have nothing to watch on Tuesdays :( basically this is a MASSIVE LOVE/APPRECIATION blog post to the best show ever styled to rock!

First of all i loved her Katy perry outfit soooooo much, i really want one made for me muhahah! I also LOVED Nicola's jumper, the lovely colours and the way it was made were soooo cool, and i still totally cant believe The Saturdays didn't choose Heidi's outfit, i mean i loved meganne's as well but she didn't even have no shoes?!
I absolutely loved both Zainab's and Heidi's outfits for Rihanna! The pants Heidi made were like amazing but i loved the peacock jacket and crop top in Zainab's so i had no idea who would win! Rihanna ROCKED Zainab's look in the end!

Watching this program has made me realise how much i would actually love to work in fashion and how talented fashion designers are, i mean i wouldn't have come up with half the designs they did. At the moment though in textiles were having to design an item of clothing with a cultural theme! Now i haven't started making it yet and it probably wont be finished till some time next may but i will defiantly be posting about it hahaha!
Seriously now though PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make another series of 'styled to rock' sky living! There are many fashion lovers out there who will want another series and especially me!
love Caits x

Sunday, 14 October 2012

lovin' braces


Up, down, one up one down? I'm now officially in love with my new braces!
I cant even remember what got me wanting some braces but the other day i had a look on eBay and these just ended up in my basket with out me even knowing *hmfh* but I'm soooo glad i got them! They only took like 2 days to arrive so i couldn't wait to try them out!
I've not actually been out the house today (seriously all i do Sunday is sit in bed) but when i finally moved i thought I'd put this outfit on to show you guys :-)
I paired them with my new favourite pair of shorts from Topshop, a white speckled tee, also from topshop and my little frilly socks from primark! I actually can't wait to wear this outfit shopping but first i want some of those socks, right... there like cream knee high socks and they have a few blue stripes around the top? PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU KNOW WHERE I CAN BUY THEM? I'v never even seen them before but someone had them on in a photo of twitter and now i really need some :(
Also I'm like struggling a bit, do i wear the braces up? down? or one up one down? I'm thinking one up one down but ahhhh what do you all think?
love Caits x

Friday, 12 October 2012

Instagram #2

1) The killers tickets yayyyyy, there like one of my fave bands ever, i really cant wait to go and see them in Sheffield!
2) The new long lasting lip tint from rimmel, HOW red are my lips? I actually really like it too it stays on for quite a long time which was impressing :)
3) This is my favourite tea in the whole world! Proper crispy sausages, creamy mash potato and onion gravy! I could eat this for ever!
4) ITS NICK ROBINSON BAKER! I met him at my school olympics day, hes like good friends with tom daley(omg i know) and came like 4th or 5th at the olympics. He said he would tweet me back but he never did so I'm very disappointed with him atm!
5) The best way ever to dry your socks
6) Hair and make up done ready for tea with the girls at nando's. Well it ended up being pizza hut
7)Me and my friend ready to go out
8) All dressed up :)
9) I WANT MY HAIR LIKE THIS SOOOOO BAD :( how gorgeous is it though really? i need it!

So these are my instagram photos for this month! I don't even have on iphone *sad face* but when i cake take pics on the ipad for instagram! Its a great photography website :)
My instagram user name is _CAITZZZ (same as twitter) so follow me if you like and also leave your insta names for me too!
love Caits x

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Winter coats!

As the weather man says the cold weather has arrived *sad face*! I'm really not the one for winter at all, unless it snows, i love snow but when its just cold,wet and windy I'd rather be snuggled up in bed watching films all day!
Iv been sorting through my wardrobe pretty much all day and found out my 2 lovely winter coats for the cold months!
Coat- Miss Selfridge!
I bought this beauty at the start of the year when i didn't even own a jacket(i must say I'm really not a jacket person) but since then i haven't worn it much as the weather hasn't been to bad. I really love the coat, and its my FAVOURITE ever colour KARKI GREEN! Seriously you give me anything that colour and i will love you forever! Karki green is defiantly one for this season and I'm so glad i bought this coat! Its also really warm and the bottom has tie where you can make it looser or tighter! It also has HUGE pockets which are very useful! All in all i cant wait to start wearing this again!

Leather Jacket- Topshop
When i first saw this in topshop i instantly fell in love! I love the studs on the collar and shoulder! Now i know practically everything in every shop is studded but i love this so much! Because of the colour you can pair it with pretty much anything and its also quite warm just to be shopping it! I was a bit unsure of the price tag at first £65! But now I'm so glad i got it as it will defiantly get its wear! Have you got your winter coats for this season? Are you feeling the cold already?:(
love Caits x

Thursday, 4 October 2012

DIY; My new lovely shorts :-)

Hey girlies,
I bought these shorts from the clothes show last year and recently found them again in my wardrobe! I wasn't to keen on the colour but they still fitted great so thought id dye them.


Firstly, how cool does the dye look when its like dissolving into the water, omg it made such a lovely pattern!
and AHHHHHH i love my shorts so much more now! When i thought i was dying them black i thought black, but these there like JET black, they're seriously an amazing colour and i love them! I've already though of loads of outfits i can wear them with, and also maybe just a FEW more purchases i need, oopps :(
I've also had this cool idea to like streak bleach down the side seams on them so it turns a much lighter colour but I'm not sure if i dare yet in case it goes wrong, sooo i may just wear them a bit first and then try it :)
I really do love dying stuff and have made a few tie dye tee's too which i really like :) The black dye though had made my nails go like a mucky grey colour which I'm not too happy about but never mind :(
what do you think about DIY'ing your clothes?
love caits x