Sunday, 21 October 2012


Have you all been watching styled to rock? well let me tell you it was my favourite show EVER! I actually loved ever part of it and of course Heidi was the best contestant ever! Sadly the series have finished now so i have nothing to watch on Tuesdays :( basically this is a MASSIVE LOVE/APPRECIATION blog post to the best show ever styled to rock!

First of all i loved her Katy perry outfit soooooo much, i really want one made for me muhahah! I also LOVED Nicola's jumper, the lovely colours and the way it was made were soooo cool, and i still totally cant believe The Saturdays didn't choose Heidi's outfit, i mean i loved meganne's as well but she didn't even have no shoes?!
I absolutely loved both Zainab's and Heidi's outfits for Rihanna! The pants Heidi made were like amazing but i loved the peacock jacket and crop top in Zainab's so i had no idea who would win! Rihanna ROCKED Zainab's look in the end!

Watching this program has made me realise how much i would actually love to work in fashion and how talented fashion designers are, i mean i wouldn't have come up with half the designs they did. At the moment though in textiles were having to design an item of clothing with a cultural theme! Now i haven't started making it yet and it probably wont be finished till some time next may but i will defiantly be posting about it hahaha!
Seriously now though PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make another series of 'styled to rock' sky living! There are many fashion lovers out there who will want another series and especially me!
love Caits x


  1. I loved that program! Heidi was so talented, I definitely want her to make all my clothes xx

    1. Same she sooo needs to bring out her own clothing range!xx

  2. i never watch the program,
    but thanks for sharing
    look like cool program


  3. She was also my favourite!!!!!
    Love your blog, following you now be great if you could follow me and we could stay in touch.