Thursday, 4 October 2012

DIY; My new lovely shorts :-)

Hey girlies,
I bought these shorts from the clothes show last year and recently found them again in my wardrobe! I wasn't to keen on the colour but they still fitted great so thought id dye them.


Firstly, how cool does the dye look when its like dissolving into the water, omg it made such a lovely pattern!
and AHHHHHH i love my shorts so much more now! When i thought i was dying them black i thought black, but these there like JET black, they're seriously an amazing colour and i love them! I've already though of loads of outfits i can wear them with, and also maybe just a FEW more purchases i need, oopps :(
I've also had this cool idea to like streak bleach down the side seams on them so it turns a much lighter colour but I'm not sure if i dare yet in case it goes wrong, sooo i may just wear them a bit first and then try it :)
I really do love dying stuff and have made a few tie dye tee's too which i really like :) The black dye though had made my nails go like a mucky grey colour which I'm not too happy about but never mind :(
what do you think about DIY'ing your clothes?
love caits x


  1. They look really good! So does your tie dye tee aswell! I've never thought about dying stuff before, good idea! I have a few old things that fit but i don't like the colour of, may have to try it, where'd you get the dye from?xxx

    1. Thanks so much! And I got the dye from John Lewis! It's really cheap to only about £3 :) xxx