Wednesday, 24 October 2012

creepy or what..

Yayyy new shoes finally!! I've been in desperate need of a pair of winter shoes and I'd been looking at these on ebay for a while but couldn't decide whether i liked them or not:/ are you a creepers girl?  Anyway i then when shopping on Saturday and saw these in office for £25! not bad in all honestly so i though I'd try them on and in actual fact i really like them, because I'm only a size 3.. yes i know i have small feet, they didn't look overly massive and the sole isn't actually that thick which i like.
So of course after i buy them i'm going to NEED some socks to go with them duhhhh.. and this is where my shopping habit gets worse, so off to topshop i got for some cute black little frilly socks. Ermm well i cant actually remember how much they were like 3 pounds or something but if you want them just look on topshop socks, to be fair though I'm pretty sure most girls will have these anyway as they came out a while ago.
Now i've not actually worn these out yet but going to this fashion conference at Meadowhall tomorrow, not sure what it is yet but i am super excited so look out for an outfit post and some photos :) Also they do actually do these creepers on ebay for around £15 if you want some so I'd recommend you try there first :)
So that's 1 pair of shoes for my A/W shoe collection, I'm still on the hunt for a gorgeous pair of little brown ankle boots if any of you know where they do some? please let me know :)
Ohhhhh 1 last thing, I tried to make my title 'creepy or what' slightly halloweeny to get you in the mooooood! woooo hope you all have your outfits ready!!
love Caits x


  1. Your shoes are fabulous, very 90's and i love the cute little socks.


  2. Ooh I love these in burgundy :)
    Might have to look on eBay for some for myself!

  3. Ebay do some great ones! You shock have a look :) x x

  4. I like the colour of these. When I bought my creepers, I felt the need to get some cute frilly socks too. I got some from American Apparel which come in all sorts of colours.


  5. Love the colour , so cute! I have the black ones xx