Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Heyyy guys! I'm down in London until Thursday this week for lots and lots of shopping! Today I've been to Camden lock market which iv been wanting to go to ever since the programme SWITCH started on ITV2, which i am now like totally obsessed with! I also went to the MASSIVE Topshop in Oxford Circus which has 3 whole floors full of clothes.. omg it was like heaven! These are just some photos from Camden..

The streets of Camden are amazing! On each wall above the shop they have these amazing 3D sculptures which i was fascinated by! I also LOOOVEEE my new 'Baker Street' keyring, oh yeah btw my last name is Baker which is why hahaha! The market stalls in Camden lock are so unique and i really love them. There were so many Chinese food stalls giving out free chicken as well which was so yummy! I got this cute little grungy 'Boy London' jumper for £11 off one of the stalls which isnt bad and looks great with my shorts and leather jacket! I also got a Oxford university jumper which i must say makes me look V smart!
We then went to the Restaurant Gilgamesh which was soooooo posh! It was beautifully set out and the food was great, i really recommend it to you all if your ever in Camden! Also in the summer the roofs all open up which is just like omg!
So yeah after today Ive decided I'm deffo buying a flat to live in at Camden, its officially my favourite place in London now! So thats a flat in Camden and a Apartment in Manhatten.. although I'm not to sure after Sandy the hurricane :/ ahh well, will have to think about that :-)
Happy Halloween everyone and hope your all enjoying your holidays!
love Caits x


  1. I love gilgamesh, one of my fav restaurants and camden is one of my favourite places - I was there saturday and went to buy a BOY jumper and now I'm regretting not buying it!


    1. I've never been before untill today and i loved it! You should defiently buy a BOY jumper i love mine :-) x x

  2. Loveee camden , great photos xx