Saturday, 3 November 2012

halloween face

AHH sorry this post is a bit late.. yes i know halloween was like 3 days ago but i still wanted to show you how i did my make up for halloween :-)
So last sunday me and my friend went into Sheffield town for fright night, it was basically just loads of rides and food stalls but still really good! We decided not to dress up as tbh most people dont as the weather is sooooo cold so everyone just has a face full of make up! I didnt actually know how to do mine so i just kind of made it up along the way and didnt aim to be anything. For my lips i used the Kate Moss lipstick from rimmel in shade 04! OMG tho this is like my new favourite lippy ever, it pratically the same as the MAC one everyone is obsessing about but for half the price and since im a teenager and constantly skint i though this was a great buy! I outlined my eyes in black and drew some sort of black drips coming off them- no idea what its actually mean to be but i though it looked kinda good hahaha! Erm i then attemped to draw a cut on my head with eye liner and using another Kate Moss lippy in shade 12 drew some blood, you could say it looks like a real cut:/! erm maybe?..  For the end look i coloured my eye brows in white but becasue they are already so dark (weird cause i have light hair) it looks a bit weird but in a halloweeny way! Hope you like the look and also all had a great halloween! Did you dress up and do halloween makeup? :')
love Caits x


  1. Heya, i recently found your blog and started following very cool..
    I have also nominated you for a blog award over on my blog if your interested!
    Ana X

    1. Thanks so much glad you liked it! and of thankyou so much will defiantly check it out!! x x