Friday, 9 November 2012

'the teenage rush' she said

So last night i was lucky enough to be @ 'The killers' concert and omg let me tell you it was AMAZING! If they ever tour again I'm defiantly getting tickets! I love their songs soooo much and Brandon Flowers.. hes hot ain't he ;-)
For it i wore my new black dress from Zara dressed down with creepers and black lace socks, I'm actually totally inlove with my new dress, its so hard to find dresses what actually fit because im only 5'2'' so they are always so long! I decided not to wear heels because i was going to be stood up all night and my feet would have been killing! I was actually surprised when i got there as not many people had dressed up much it was mostly jeans, shorts or little dresses, not many heels at all.
Hope you enjoy the photos although they are not the best as my camera is awful! It just never focus' right anymore so I'm really hoping to get a new one for Christmas, until then please try and put up with them :( Has anyone else been to see The Killers?
love Caits x


  1. I haven't seen the killers, sadly, because I had to work, but I love your dress!

  2. You're so so gorgeous! Great outfit xx