Tuesday, 27 November 2012

green and speckled

Finally an outfit post! So proud i have actually finally done one; it seems like sooooo long :( I got this cute little dress from topshop a few weeks ago but have struggled to wear it as seriously, what is the weather doing? Its rainy, windy, cold and wet.. just hurry up and snow then we all have a great excuse to go out in joggers and hoodies!
It was my brothers birthday this weekend so we went out for a meal and i wanted to wear something nice, not too dressy as it was only a Indian and not be freezing at the same time! I decided to go with this little dress and some tights of course, my creepers are a must at the moment (I'm so in love with them) and my leather jacket! I think my necklace( well should i say my mums) finished the outfit off great! The gold, black and silver circles on it matched the green soo well and really made the neck line stand out :-) My brother got a camera for his birthday so my photos will finally be of good quality as yes I'll be stealing it from him mwahaha!
Hope you're all ok :)
loveCaits x

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  1. Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog beaut! Your hair is SO lovely xx