Wednesday, 7 November 2012

breathing in london air..

Hi guys! Hope you're all not to sad about being back at school/college or where ever :( For the half term holidays i was busy shopping in london with my Aunty and i loved it! London is just like my favourite place ever and I'm in a constant good mood whilst there; not like in cold,wet and windy Sheffield :( I wanted to tell you all what i bought whilst there as some of the things were such bargains!!

So the first thing i bought was this 'BOY LONDON' jumper which i am now obsessed with! I am so glad i bought it cause I'm always freezing when i go out because i haven't got many winter clothes yet but this goes perfectly with everything, and it was only £11! I then got this oxford uni jumper which i also love!!! I practically live in it at home because its all fluffy inside and again that was a bargain at £15! In camden i also got my lovely little baker street keyring which i adore.
We the got on the tube and off to oxford circus we went! Now lets get things straight.. THE TOPSHOP IS HUGGGEEEE! There was a map as soon as you walked in just so you could find your way around and it has 3 floors and the petite section is amazing and there is soo much make up and gifts which were so cute! I was walking round for ages picking up things i wanted to try on and in the end i got this gorgeous little tee dress in dark green with little speckles in the fabric, i love this dress i think its great for winter with tights and a leather jacket! I also got a new winter coat which I'm so in love with, i much prefer this one because of the checks on the back and it also has a black jersey hood.. I'm glad i got this one instead of the all karki green one because not many people have it.. YET! I also picked up a halloween coloured nail varnish!
The next day we went to Westfield Shopping at Stratford and i ended up getting a gorgeous LBD from Zara which i will be wearing to the killers tomorrow.. SO EXCITED! I also got the new Vaseline 'pink bubbly'. Although i cant exactly taste the pink bubbly as it just tastes and smells pretty much like normal Vaseline the tin is just so cute so i had to buy it.. of course!
And now that's everything.. all my purchases from london, which ones your fave?;)
love Caits x


  1. All look lovely! Especially love the Oxford jumper and the green dress, stunning! x x x x

  2. I love my Vaseline Pink Bubbly....think the thought of wine extract in it gets me through the day, haha!