Friday, 12 October 2012

Instagram #2

1) The killers tickets yayyyyy, there like one of my fave bands ever, i really cant wait to go and see them in Sheffield!
2) The new long lasting lip tint from rimmel, HOW red are my lips? I actually really like it too it stays on for quite a long time which was impressing :)
3) This is my favourite tea in the whole world! Proper crispy sausages, creamy mash potato and onion gravy! I could eat this for ever!
4) ITS NICK ROBINSON BAKER! I met him at my school olympics day, hes like good friends with tom daley(omg i know) and came like 4th or 5th at the olympics. He said he would tweet me back but he never did so I'm very disappointed with him atm!
5) The best way ever to dry your socks
6) Hair and make up done ready for tea with the girls at nando's. Well it ended up being pizza hut
7)Me and my friend ready to go out
8) All dressed up :)
9) I WANT MY HAIR LIKE THIS SOOOOO BAD :( how gorgeous is it though really? i need it!

So these are my instagram photos for this month! I don't even have on iphone *sad face* but when i cake take pics on the ipad for instagram! Its a great photography website :)
My instagram user name is _CAITZZZ (same as twitter) so follow me if you like and also leave your insta names for me too!
love Caits x

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