Sunday, 14 October 2012

lovin' braces


Up, down, one up one down? I'm now officially in love with my new braces!
I cant even remember what got me wanting some braces but the other day i had a look on eBay and these just ended up in my basket with out me even knowing *hmfh* but I'm soooo glad i got them! They only took like 2 days to arrive so i couldn't wait to try them out!
I've not actually been out the house today (seriously all i do Sunday is sit in bed) but when i finally moved i thought I'd put this outfit on to show you guys :-)
I paired them with my new favourite pair of shorts from Topshop, a white speckled tee, also from topshop and my little frilly socks from primark! I actually can't wait to wear this outfit shopping but first i want some of those socks, right... there like cream knee high socks and they have a few blue stripes around the top? PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU KNOW WHERE I CAN BUY THEM? I'v never even seen them before but someone had them on in a photo of twitter and now i really need some :(
Also I'm like struggling a bit, do i wear the braces up? down? or one up one down? I'm thinking one up one down but ahhhh what do you all think?
love Caits x


  1. i love you hairr, and yeah braces are awesome!

    1. Thanks! :-) glad you like them too :)) xx