Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Boohoo £50 challenge!

 Yayyyyy fashion vouchers are holding another competition to style on outfit for £50 or less on Boohoo.com. I was so excited when i found out! I love all the online fashion website competitions! I could spend hours putting together outfits i love and then wanting to buy them so much but not having the money :(
When it comes to online shopping i must say i do love Boohoo! They have such a wide range of clothing and when it comes to find an outfit for an occasion you can always find something you fall in love with!
Now for the £5o challenge...
Heres my entry.. hope you like it! I found is so so hard to keep within the budget of only £50!
I love these skater dresses which are so high on trend atm, the style of them is just amazing and at only £15 what a bargain! I also love denim shirts right now but still dont own one? what is going on caitlin? Anyway i thought i could wear this cute one undone over the top of the dress to give it a more casual look :-) I found this gorgeous little gold necklace for only £10 and though it would finish my outfit off nicely!
Unfortunalty i kind of ran out of money for the shoes, hmm! Never mind i could just wear this outfit in erm the house? yes thats a good idea! Or ill just wear some shoes i already have :-) I think it would look cute with some little ankle boots, or like converse or vans!
What do you think to my outfit? Hope everyone likes it and i really hope fashion vouchers do as i would love to win my outfit tehe!
Lots of love Caits xx

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  1. Hehe love the idea of no shoes :-) I love going barefoot :-) love the outfit idea I still need to finishe mine off oops thanks for reminding me :-) good luck with ur entry! Xx