Friday, 28 September 2012

MEADOWHALL LOCK IN! caitlin are you shopping again?!

Ahhhhhh hi everyone! I'm so excited about this post today as i still cant believe it my self, so yesterday evening at meadowhall(shopping centre in Sheffield if you didn't know) had a student lock down between 7-10 which basically means you get discount off hundreds of shops, and at the same time its like a massive party in meadowhall, its so amazing i loved it! At topshop theres 20% off everything so of course that's the very first place me and my friend went!  
As i only came to meadowhall with £30 and £8 on my card i was kind of limited but i was deffo taking advantage of the 20% off so i though ill just buy the 'karki green peplum top' from topshop because that's the only thing i 'need' and i wont resist to anything else. But of course that didn't happen cause as soon as i walked in the shop these shorts just like flew at me; no idea where they came from but there they was.. in my hand and i defiantly wasn't letting go of them, it was like fate! I then took a while looking round topshop and tbh it was really weird, all these clothes were ending up in my hands and i have no idea how?! I found this lovely denim shirt, this cute little cream speckled tee, a lovely little bralet, and of course the green peplum top(which i originally came for) all in my hands! Off to the changing rooms i went...

(please ignore the awful quality of photos, i seriously need a new camera!)
Now I'm thinking i only have £30 and i seriously want the shorts as I'm still yet to own a pair of 'MOTO topshop shorts' so i ask the assistant how much they are because they didn't have a tag and she said £32! omg dilemma dilemma! I can afford them with student discount but what about the green top i want?:( and i really wanted the cream speckled one to because I've had this fab idea to sew some cute badges onto the bottom corner of it! OMG ahhhhhh! Hmm well if i get the shorts and cream speckled top it comes to £36.80 with my student discout because the tops only £14! So i can pay £30 in cash and the £6.80 on my card; but then i don't have enough for my dinner, ohh well i don't mind missing food for clothes! Anyway about the green top it was a size 10 and fitted ok but, well lets face it any girl would feel happier with a size 8 in the back of their top even if no one knew so ill just save up for that another time. Right yes I'm sorted!
So off to the till i go and as I'm waiting theres all the lovely little nail varnish's sat staring at me :( NO CAITLIN CONTROL YOUR SELF(another thing I'm now saving up for)! So anyway she scans the top and types in the bar code for the shorts, i show her my student discount and she then says '£16.80 please' I'M LIKE WHAAA?' shes like £16.80, so I'm like well okay!!!
I pay her with like the hugest grin of my face ever and then walk away and look at the receipt, The shorts came up for £7.. yes £7! I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!
I was soooo happy i mean £16.80 for a top and shorts, wahooooo I'm no longer in debt :)
The lovely lady also gave my this adorable topshop tote bag which i love to pieces, its so cute!

I also got a cute topshop carrier bag which makes a change from the white and red ones, and i still have my pink meadowhall lock in wrist band on as i think its giving me luck! Ill be keeping it on for a while :)
Look out for lots of outfit posts, and maybe a DIY for my speckled top if i can find some badges and hopefully the green karki peplum top will be mine soon, teheheheh I'm shopping obsessed!
love Caits xx


  1. ommmmggg those shorts! I'm going to a lock in next week, will be looking for the shorts! x

    1. you should sooo look out for them! such a bargian :) x

  2. what a great post and a lush night! wish i was a student so i could do this too hehe. the shorts are lush! xx

  3. This is soooooo you Caitlin, made me laugh out load...Rebecca Bloomwood eat your heart out! BTW he many pairs shorts now?

    1. only about erm 5? hahaha, dont worry il get lots of wear out of them :) x

  4. hahaha love it!!you saved so much money:)