Sunday, 9 September 2012

Shopping, the best think to cure a bad mood

 Shoes- Newlook
Lace crop top- Topshop
 Lace crop top- Topshop
 Tie dye effect leggin'- Topshop
 Black skater skirt- Internationale
Folders- WHSmiths
So sadly im back at school now which means lots of hard work as its my final year of gcse's :( my first day back i can say was erm, dreadful! I was sat with my head of year ALL day because of the purple in my hair (apparently its not acceptable) so now its pretty much gone :(
Anyway to make my happier my dad took my shopping for some new clothes which i love! The shoes which were in my last post were a bargain at only £17.99! yayyy! The black skater skirt was only a tenner too; are they're so in trend recently i just had to buy it!
I also love my new leggin's, i love the tie dye effect on them and they look great on! Be watching ouit to see some outfit posts with these in soon and they was only £22 which i can afford atm as iv been saving up! The crop top i though would be pefrect for a wedding party iv been to this weekend as the colour green is my favourite colour ever to wear in clothes, blonde and dark green=perfection!
The folders are just for my textiles and PE work at school as my PE one is battered from last year and i needed a new textiles folder to put all my notes in this year for the exam! (wish me luck)
Hope you all had a better first day back at school than me! Hope you like my purchases, what do you think? :-)
love caits xx


  1. I LOVE these shoes. and Look forward to seeing what your wear the trousers with @getthriftycouk

  2. oh god i remember my school hating on anything slightly interesting in my hair :( chin up, you have loads of time to do funky stuff once you are at college :) glad u had a fun shopping spree to cheer yourself up- love the lace crop top x

    1. i know :( my school goes mad at the tinyest bit of colour, i really want to have like pale lilac streaks in it :) and thankyou! xx

  3. The title is sooo true haha, nice buys x