Thursday, 3 January 2013

Ted Baker for £17?

Yes its true.. this cost me £17 wooooo!! So of course here's the story that comes with it..
For Christmas i got the purple ted baker mini makeup bag with the dark blue bow and i loved it!! I adored this colour since the first day it came out so i was really excited as its replaced my old 'Benefit' mini makeup bag which has done its self proud! When looking round John Lewis with my mum its always nice to have a quick look at the Ted Baker stand as i knew all the makeup bags were on sale.. anyhow it looked as if there wasn't any left; UN TILL a nice lady came up too the TB stand and placed the LAST 2 makeup bags  on the shelf! MANY MANY eyes looked as they had been reduced to £17 from £29!! Bargain! So not wanting to look to eager i waited till the Lady who had asked if there was any left to pick up hers and then i ran for mine.. no way was i letting anyone else have the last one.. especially at that price! As i carried on looking round a found I few people following me, hoping I would put it down HA NO. As i got to the till to pay there were 2 Ladys stood across from me just encase i didn't want it, as to be fair i do already have a small one which is all i need, and I'm debating with my mum whether to buy it or not and there looking at me like please can i have it? so you know what i do?BUY IT! Mwahahaha oh I'm such a bad shopper :-( But anyway it now keeps all my makeup inside so my surface isn't cluttered and also, its just pretty to look at :-) And my purple one is used for when i take touch up make up out with me as its just the right size :-) I got some more Benefit lipstick/gloss for Christmas which are really nice, so once again my Benefit collection has grown, you should really take a look at their cosmetics they are soo pretty packaged and amazing!!
love Caits x

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  1. That make up bag is gorgeous and what a bargain! :)