Thursday, 17 January 2013

pretty snow

aw how pretty are these photos? I love the snow! Well not exactly i hate the cold but its so pretty to watch :) 
Ok so iv been having some problems with blogger, like why isn't it letting me upload photos? I go to add a photo and it doesn't come up with the 'choose files' button? :( does any body know why? 
I have new outfits and clothes to show you which i am super excited about and a cute pair of boots of eBay which were such a bargain :-) so i soon as my blogger is back working properly look out as i have loads of posts planned for you guys, but for now its blogging off my mums mac when she's not using it.. not v often!! 
I hope you are all enjoying the snow and so sorry for the lack of blogging, i will be back on track soon! AND THANKYOU sooooo much to everyone who follows my little blog, i finally reached 100 followers which i am super happy about so thanksss girlies :-) Hope you're having a lovely week!
love Caits x 


  1. The snow is really pretty! Have no idea about the blogger issue.. hate it when it plays up. x

  2. where do you live? it looks so lovely. i didn't get much snow where i live, boo.