Sunday, 27 January 2013

two many shoes

Chelsea boots- Ebay, here, or for the full listings here,
Glitter ankle boots- Debenhams, here 

You may think i have an obsession with shoes as i have gained 3 pairs in the last week (also some studded creepers but i'll show you them another time) but i actually haven't . I don't even have that many shoes believe it or not. Basically i was browsing on ebay as you do and found this gorgeous chelsea heeled boots for £9.99.. so of course i'm going to buy them, i know i'm supposed to be saving and all that but seriously they could be a life time investment and say in 5years time i can wear them again yay! Then shopping in Debenhams they have like the most MASSIVE'ish shoe sale ever!!! And if you buy 1 pair you get another half price, so my mum bought some ankle boots, black and all sparkly  which i must say are gorgeous and chosen by mwah, shes so lucky to have a top bargain shopper like me as a daughter. I then saw these little boots for £12 and i though they;'d be great for like, well actually i'm not too sure but they look great with these skinny jeans i have so like meals and stuff they will be good to wear.. and of course i got them for £6, TOTAL BARGAIN! 6 tiny winy pounds!! 2 pairs of boots for only £16, but now i'm back to saving again, except i did buy a new top today so my saving will now start next week!
Hope you've all had a lovely weekend. The snow has officially left:-( What do you think to my new boots?:-)
love Caits x 


  1. Love the heeled chelsea boots! Can't believe they were only £9.99! Definite bargain.

    Lovely blog,


  2. Love them both and I love your snow setting, what great photos!!

    what a bargain for the chelsea boots!!

  3. Super Collection of beautiful Shoes ,, i have never seen shoe like this really they all are awesome Like it so much.

  4. Amazing shoes!