Tuesday, 1 January 2013

MY 2012 :-)

This year i...
 -Went to the opening of the Olympic Stadium

-Dyed the ends of my hair dark purple (I barley have any photos of it :( )

-Went to London NW5 Studio's for a photo shoot for Teen Queen UK

-Went on a day trip with my friends to Cleethorps and enjoyed the windy weather, sand in our hair, and poor fish and chips, but it was such a good day! PS, abbie should be on this photo to :-)

-Experienced 'A Fashion Conversation' with Grace Woodward, The owner of London college of fashion, the m&s fashion buyer and a fashion clothing scientist, and then met grace after yay!

-Visited Camden Lock, possibly my favourite ever place in London, bought some lovely things in Camden market and enjoyed lovely food there!

-Qualified for English Schools Athletics so spent a few days living in Durham Uni accommodation and competing!

-Ate at a iconic Restaurant 'Sushi Samba' on the 37th floor over looking the whole of London!

-Had a day out at Thorpe Park and went on Saw and Slealth.. omg best rides EVER!!

-Went on holiday!

-STARTED MY FASHION BLOG!! This was my first ever banner aww :') my blog has changed so much in the space of a few months and thankyou so much to everyone reading, I'm so glad i started this :-)

-Had an AMAZING time at The Killers concert! BY far one of the best things in 2012!!!

-Went to the Clothes Show live with my bestfriends and had a fab girlie day out!

-Went to see Legally Blonde The Musical- ITS AMAZING! Best Musical ever!

- Had a lovely time at my bestfriends Dads wedding, ate yummy food and danced all night long

-and finally... I turned 16!!! I has such a wonderful birthday and got so many lovely presents :-)

Thankyou to everyone for a fab 2012 and i hope 2013 is just as good!!
love Caits xxx


  1. Looks like such an amazing, fashionable year! Happy New Year! x



  2. Wow!! Looks like you've had a brilliant year!!xx

    Hope 2013 is equally as good and better x

  3. What a fab year! I turned 18 in 2012 so a big year for me too!

    Great post xo

  4. Wow that view of London looks gorgeous, I went to a bar like that once...so so pretty! xx